HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Dude I am not sure you want to do that.

All complications are in there except the no-disguise-change one. I forgot which is the required exit, probably the sea plane.


I think I am tbh… Fancy a challenge :smiley:

So no Shooting down the sabre or Battle axe, No Ko’s… lets do this!!!

EDIT: You may have been right @Urben, its not challenging, just tedious lol

I may have found a bug with this however (which you prob already know). When umberto was under the effect of Emetic Poison, his kill would only register as ANY METHOD. Is this a known bug?


This is just a visual bug. Once you finished the contract the method displayed is correct.


EX-Dimensional Attacks - (Sapienza)
ID :1-03-2835606-84
Location: Sapienza

Please let wallbang be easier .47 need some magics.


Name of Contract Dead Man’s Legacy
Contract ID 1-04-6495944-97
Platform PC
Location Sapienza - Landslide
Description/Briefing “Marco Abiatti wants Salvatore Bravuomo killed… painfully. Remove him, then proceed to murder Abiatti’s mistress, assassinate his business rival, and drown a local security man who may not be persuaded with money. Also murder the fireworks tech so that someone not associated with Abiatti is killed to throw off an investigation. Dress as Bravuomo when killing certain targets, to frame him for the massacre, and to tarnish his legacy forever.”
Screenshot of Contract

Why the contract should be featured I would like this contract featured because I believe it offers a lot of variety, as you have to kill several targets in different ways, while being encouraged to use a difficult disguise. I also think that Landslide has few contracts dedicated to it, so it has a bit of a different feel. Not to mention I do feel like there is a lot of wiggle room for how you accomplish the mission.


Targeted Virus Leak
ID :1-03-7702788-84
Location: Sapienza

This is a puzzle,maybe great puzzle


I’ve been wanting to create a story based contract for some time and one which remains true to the in-game intel.

Title: Too Much Knowledge
Contract ID: 3-06-3726173-05
Location: Marrakesh


Title: The Landslide Clemensy
Contract ID: 3-04-1776735-79
Location: Sapienza (Landslide)

Reason: It is currently trending on Xbox and is really popular.


The higher you get, the harder you fall
PS4 ID: 2-03-7390948-94

Bullets Are My Bike
PS4 ID: 2-03-9995619-94


The Church Takeover - Act I
Sapienza SASO
Take out the church management, don’t get spotted and prepare the takeover.

PC ID: 1-03-5040939-64

Enjoy, I started with 02:20 and reached 01:20 today.

Act II will come soon! :wink:


This is, I think, my best contract that hasn’t been previously featured. (It’s probably my best contract period.) Now that contract creation is drying up a bit, I think it’s okay to submit an older one from the past.

Outside Looking In

Instead of standing on a high vantage point and sniping people below, you have to run around the entire museum sniping people inside through the windows.


Title: A Midnight Snap
Location: Marrakesh (AHBOS)
Reason: A really fun Puzzle Contract I am really proud of creating.
Contract ID: 3-07-3253775-79




PC: 1-02-4663455-18


Garden Knomes (Xbox)
Contract ID: 3-03-7687014-62

I posted this in the member contracts thread and it received some positive feedback.
Thnx :heart:
Edit: Currently trending on Xbox


Fixing Fireworks

ID: 1-02-1746994-41

they broke fireworks!

have fun!


One Shot




Force Infighting


No puzzle ,just fun ,good hunting.


Name of Contract The Pentagonal Framing
Contract ID 1-10-0530392-97
Platform PC
Location Hokkaido - Situs Inversus
Description/Briefing “The GAMA facility has many hidden horrors, as innocent people’s body parts are gained illegally just to extend the lives of the immoral rich. Kill the 5 people who have all done their part in collecting body parts from the murdered and the betrayed. You must frame each individual for the other’s murder, so that the police realise the connection of these 5 sociopaths, and let them rot in hell for their crimes.”
Screenshot of Contract

Why the contract should be featured This contract has a focus on being open ended with a chain of targets. Each target requires another target’s uniform, and with a focus on not pacifying non-targets, it creates a challenge as to which target a player goes for first and how to follow the chain. I think it allows a lot of room for creativity and to see how to accomplish the mission in the fastest time possible.


HITMAN - The Pentagonal Framing - (6:50)


The Pentagonal Framing - (6:50)


@SANY-72Q Awesome run! You managed to do it in half the time I did, it is amazing just how quickly people can pull off these contracts. I never even knew you could shoot a tap for it to start overflowing with water. And I think I will need to try that Kruger pistol more often, what with the way you utilised it.

I hope you enjoyed playing the contract. :+1: