HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


It is pleasant to me contracts you can throw off to me them if you have new contracts.


Sure, I’ll tag you if I make any contracts in the future. To tell the truth, I don’t have much experience in contract making, I’m honestly using this to help practice them so that I can get straight into them when Hitman 2 arrives.


This one got recreated on all platforms already and also were palyed by alot of people plus trending, but this was some time ago by now and maybe worth an even bigger audience. Also bonus map.




Fixing Fireworks
ID: 3-02-4888524-62
Created for Xbox @Pagan :+1::heart:


thanks for re-creating amy <3


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3 Floor Cicada




Bring Triangle Shift Together


A little puzzle


Sorry - 1-08-1705978-80


Contract: Sleeping Llamas
ID: 3-08-2182034-62 (Xbox)
EDIT: Trending on Xbox


You and Me Need Therapy

ID: 1-02-9701716-41


Old World
PC - 1-08-4208070-84


2 fun contracts lol and I think they should be featured

Yoga drives people mad


An Unlucky Day



Contract Name: Axe of Hearts
Contract ID: 2-02-4281443-41
Contract Location: Paris

Why the contract should be featured: Because, imho, it’s a fun contract. The targets are on the third floor, surrounded by many guards, and you have to kill them with the axe situated on the first floor. Moreover, in the room where the targets are, there are no hiding places to put the bodies in, and this makes the contract even more interesting. It is not difficult, but a little intricate. I also wrote a little story briefing. I hope you like it.


Waiting for death

PC: 1-06-5353257-08


Hi Guys,
My name’s Jay and I’m new to the forum. I have just recently started my own YouTube channel featuring playthroughs of Hitman contracts and have just finished going through The Sarajevo Six missions, so now I am hoping you guys will either know of (Or have made) any contracts that you think will make for an entertaining video that I will add to the channel.
Thank you.


Title: A Purist’s Paradise
Contract ID: 3-06-3929345-05 (Xbox); 2-06-5059439-41 (PS4 - Thanks, @ripper1992)
Location: Marrakesh