HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Blown Apart
PC: 1-03-1626781-38
Location: Sapienza


Shoe shop for the saber and battle axe stuck at the rooftop. Obviously first you take care of the principal then the prisoner 'cause weapon disponibility :3


I looked for the contract on ps4, but I guess it was made for another console. I loved it and I redid it for ps4, obviously in the briefing I specified that the contract is yours. For those interested, ID: 2-06-5059439-41


Story of Bob
PS4: 2-02-2259851-62

If anyone cares to remake it for other platforms, thx. (added picture of target)
It’s a simple contract but the briefing makes it a headliner :crazy_face:


Since we are close to the last featured contracts in this game and I guess I wont come up with something fresh at this point, I want to shamelessly mention the last few contracts in this thread by me which have not been featured yet.


paddington’s revenge
contact ID 2-02-8319361-87


For the Halloween theme…

NAME : Welcome To My Humble Abode
LOCATION : Sapienza,WT
ID / 1-03-3616860-56

“Osvaldo, Alfredo, Susanna, Rosario, Alessandro, I am the demon who took possession of the butler, and I chose you…”



HITMAN - To My Humble Abode - (4:38)


That’s some good gameplay.


The mission isn’t feasible
ID: 1-03-8156576-93

Hello the 47th! Our second agent has suffered when performing a
task, he has had a car accident, for him the mission isn’t
feasible. You have to finish his mission. I wish you good luck 47!

Здравствуйте 47й! Наш второй агент пострадал при выполнении
задания, он попал в автомобильную аварию, для него миссия не
выполнима. Вы должны завершить его миссию. Желаю вам удачи 47!


Cure of SCP-049`s Axe and Sword

This contract for Halloween,and It’s time for us to create contracts in Patient Zero : The Author.


Unfortunate Names
PC: 1-08-5476944-43


Name of Contract : Cult of Blood
Contract ID : 1-03-7018272-04
Platform : PC
Location : Sapienza
Description/Briefing : In this contract you have to kill five targets (3 as church staff, 2 with any disguise).
There’s no restrictions and you can do it with multiple strategies.
Screenshot of Contract :

Why the contract should be featured : This contract is made for everyone : the beginners can do it with an
easy strategy and the experts can try a different but harder/faster way. I
put a lot of hard work on this one and it’s really fun to play it !

The 2:51 run : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9Vr5X8Gtb4


Absolute Rs.


This is a fun contract :smiley:


I offer you fast contracts for PC: 10 locations in each location one purpose.
Any masking and any way of murder! Enjoy fast run! With love of MKA!

In not systems 1
In not systems 2
In not systems 3
In not systems 4
In not systems 5
In not systems 6
In not systems 7
In not systems 8
In not systems 9
In not systems 10

Kill bad guys, you in not systems, successful to you day of the 47th!


Contract Name: Death threats
Contract ID: 1-03-7287731-79

Contract Name: Evil Pries 47
Contract ID: 1-03-3335577-79

Contract Name: Suicide Bomber
Contract ID: 1-02-2968832-79


I should buy a boat.

Have fun guys.


Welcome - stream


Contract Name: Curse of the Voodoo
Contract ID: 1-03-1464745-79

have fun


I offer you the interesting contract (72Q Italian Life).
To me will your run are interesting!
ID: 1-03-2328149-93