HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Welcome Contract

Azirus Gaming Paradigm

ID: 1-02-2444764-93


Contract Name: UP AND DOWN
Contract ID: 1-02-7886832-79


Contract Name: Death secret
Contract ID: 1-03-1300617-79
Location: Sapienza


Contract Name: The Big Bang Kitchen [EX]
Contract ID: 1-03-4834483-79
Contract Name: Hairstyle 47
Contract ID: 1-02-9251337-79


Contract for Hitman 2 (PC)
Name: Cleaning the bar
ID: 1-12-9262033-64
Quick 3 Targets, SA/SO


I’d like to see the entire Killing Serially series get featured, but if I had to choose one contract then it would be for Mumbai:
Hitman 2 (PC)
Name: “Killing Serially” (Mumbai)
ID: 1-13-9176917-59
Targets: Tanvi Naidu, Sukanya Devarukhkar, Nirupama Kalyani
Description: Take on the persona of a serial killer by eliminating each victim in the exact same way. Use whatever tricks are at your disposal to do so and then escape, avoiding collateral damage as much is necessary. Happy hunting.

“Killing Serially”
Hitman 2
(Miami) ID: 1-11-2277557-59
(Santa Fortuna) ID: 1-12-9517224-59
(Mumbai) ID: 1-13-9176917-59
(Whittleton Creek) ID: 1-22-0703812-59
(Isle of Sgáil) ID: 1-21-5967260-59
(Paris) ID: 1-02-2275523-59
(Sapienza) ID: 1-03-7196364-59
(Marrakesh) ID: 1-06-3080752-59
(Bangkok) ID: 1-08-6595808-59
(Colorado) ID: 1-09-2981264-59
(Hokkaido) ID: 1-10-8867083-59
Hitman: Absolution
ID: 5-0810-606865-STOI
ID: 5-0220-609859-STOI
ID: 5-0910-982350-STOI
ID: 5-0420-990875-STOI
ID: 5-1140-124421-STOI


Made on PS4
All require Legacy Pack DLC


Would like this featured as
a sniper contract with a garrotte finish :wink:

Platform: PS4
Location: Miami
ID: 2-11-3964776-33
Conditions Suit Only


Name: Ineligible
Contract ID: 1-21-1338242-73
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàle
Description: First attempt of Hitman 2, after I got SA/SO plus 20/20 mastery in all locations :blonde_woman:t2:


Name: Special Delivery
Contract ID: 1-22-0756764-73
Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description: :cupcake:


Incel 47 - This is a man’s world
Plattform: PC
Map: Colombia (Village)
Type: SA/SO
ID: 1-12-9118762-64

HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

I will submit this for feature because why not

Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Title: Viper

Code: 1-11-1081118-28

I hope you guys like poison kills



Name: Hostile Takeover
Contract ID: 1-21-6115942-73
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàle
Description: :cake:


Nailgun Expert

PC, Mumbai

ID: 1-13-2472121-57


Name: Tying Up Loose Ends
Contract ID: 1-22-7805548-73
Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description: :cupcake::bagel:


Contract ID: 1-11-8588797-28
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Targets: 1
Type of Contract:
Speedrunner challenge that is doable in 45 seconds SA/SO (or less? It was my first try!) but can also be played however you want because it has limited restrictions.


contract for Hitman 2
Contract ID : 1-11-4837984-93 Platform : PC
Contract ID : 1-12-0479071-93 Platform : PC
Contract ID : 1-13-4359215-93 Platform : PC


All of the references!
Platform is PS4