HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


That was fast! Nice job :slight_smile:





When is the first batch coming?


Title: The Valiant Little Tailor
Platform: Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-13-1201707-76



ID: 1-13-4946731-67


Note: the warning in the briefing is serious, you can easily trigger an autofail if you panic your exit driver.


Name: Undiscovered
Contract ID: 1-22-7289839-73
Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description: :pancakes::green_apple:


Erase The Snitch (Miami): 1-11-4061574-02

TARGETS: Just Baltazar Morrison, the man being interrogated by security at the race entrance security building. Any Method in Suit.
COMPLICATIONS: Time Limit (4:00), Hide All Bodies, Perfect Shooter, No Pacifications.
NOTES: Yes, there are a lot of complications, but they’re designed around the specific challenge of needing to be a little clever in isolating, killing, and hiding the target without any of the guards noticing. The time limit is exceedingly generous and mostly for flavor, so don’t sweat that one; I intentionally sat at the exit for several additional minutes.


Platform PS4
Title: Narcos
Contract ID: 2-12-2234477-33


Name of Contract A Muffin To Die For
Contract ID 2-22-3800359-51
Platform PS4
Location Whittleton Creek
Welcome back, 47
Your destination is Whittleton Creek where BBQ’s, wide open roads, white picket fences and blueberry muffins are in high demand. So much so that 1 year ago, a tourist visiting the creek with his family, only to have suddenly died once biting into ‘Helen’s Muffins’ a company owned by Helen West and her son Herbert which has just recently resurfaced thanks to the efforts of fellow neighbor who goes by the codename JANUS. You’ll also need to eliminate the ‘soldiers’.
Good Luck
Why the contract should be featured I feel this contract should be added because it gives a whole new unique perspective on some of the side characters we find in Hitman 2. As an optional thing, it also can be very challenging to get Suit Only/ SA which i’m sure will interest veteran Hitman players.

Helen - Muffin Woman

Being a smuggler among the smugglers

ID: 1-12-4318244-67

On this mission, three men must be eliminated, two of them have to be killed as a submarine worker and one special machete each.
It is also necessary to leave the area with a small vehicle in order to keep the same low profile which is also required within the tunnels.
The scooter keys are reported to be around the construction area, the regular machete may be found at the coca fields and Obara’s machete must be imported from our Thai supplier.


A sniper contract I Made
Platform PS4

The targets

The conditions

I think it should be featured as the “No disguise change” is flexible enough to allow starting locations to be used with a disguise etc.
Also the required exit anchors you to an area once you know it or risk wasting time running over to it if you choose to snipe from another part of the map etc.


Platform PC
Title: Master Sniper 01
Contract ID: 1-12-2021596-79


Platform PC
Contract ID: 1-12-2482159-79


Undiscovered - (1:29)


Erase The Snitch - (1:11)


I made few contracts for this map after discovering how fun it is with Taser devices.
This is one of them.
In my run I take out the garbage man targets separately though (trying sth else).
Nice demonstration from you :cupcake:


HITMAN 2 - Master Sniper 01 - (1:29)


HITMAN 2 - No Ban Contract 01 - (1:53)

HITMAN 2 - No Ban Contract 02 - (2:12)


Contract ID: 1-22-9803766-93
You will not run away from destiny
Conditions: One purpose, falling, complications!


Name: Another Perspective
Contract ID: 1-21-2222511-73
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàle
Description: :sandwich::tropical_drink: