HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Crawl The Chawls (Mumbai): 1-13-0583659-02 (PC)

TARGETS: Four individuals in the chawls. One on each floor, only one of them an isolated kill. Any Method allowed, but each kill must be done in one of four disguises.
COMPLICATIONS: No Pacifications (Optional).
NOTES: This one works for several reasons. It’s a straightforward contract that nevertheless has some trickiness to it, especially trying to do it quickly (and it can be done quickly; I’m reasonably confident sub-2:00 is possible). There are multiple ways to approach the disguise issue while teaching the availability of free disguises in this part of the map. And it can be done from a complete no mastery start point in Mumbai with default equipment, no strange loadouts or starts needed.


Contract ID: 1-22-5293592-93
You will not run away from destiny 2
Conditions: No Pacifications!


Contract ID: 1-11-0502927-93
Life without brakes
My result 2:58
I wait for your run friends!


Name: Exceptional Practitioner
Contract ID: 1-11-6446856-73
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Description: :sunny::surfing_woman:t2:


Platform PC


Contract ID: 1-13-7358492-79


HITMAN 2 - Exceptional Practitioner - (1:24)


I considered if people start as not medic (or haven’t unlocked) when making this contract.
And I take out all targets separately, plus playing with tasers/distraction in the first run.
This demonstration is impressive :high_heel:


Name: Silence is gold
Contract ID: 1-12-5074045-73
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description: :fish::sushi:


Name: Business Problem
Contract ID: 1-12-8349388-73
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description: :desert_island:


Isn’t having this thread a little redundant? Featured Contracts are being pulled from the other thread already.


The initial idea for this thread was that people post only their “good” contracts they want to be featured here and that people are not posting runs of it and/or discuss it. So IOI can easier search for contracts. But now that people start posting their runs in here, this threads loses its purpose.


Depending on how the upcoming approach of themed contracts will look like, it might make sense to start one thread for each theme each month in the future to make it easier for the devs. We will see what they have in mind.

Or we keep on using this thread, I would change the title to the theme and make a post to seperate previous posts to related posts.


There are 2 threads for contracts (from what I remember).
It will be a good idea to make it 1 only, otherwise it’s a bit confusing.
I only post stuff I made/comments on others video. Discussion is not what I’m interested in (and not the point for this thread).


Terminator reference FTW!

PS4 platform

Last line of briefing tells you the required exit.


Write to what branch of a forum it is possible to post video of contracts?


HITMAN 2 - Business Problem - (0:34)


Contract ID: 1-11-9077103-93
Mad Ted


I did my run from bar to bus stop and used all accident apporach (if the timing is right it’s easy push+electrocution).
So this is more like shortcut.


Contract ID: 1-22-7775946-93
Bad crew


Piano Man
ID: 1-21-4110548-43