HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


I’m no major contract creator, but this one is particularly close to my heart and will likely be my one and only submission. I also think it is a worthwhile Contract to feature for the use of the community.

Contract ID: 2-12-0724709-42
Title: A Vintage Contract
Console: PS4

A homage to Blood Money involving assassinating Rico Delgado, his brother Hector and his wife Catalina.


Janus’s Angels


Just made my first contract!

Hectoring Hector’s Heralds
Platform: X-Box
Contract ID: 3-12-7218372-09

Take out five guards in Martinez’ office unseen.


An Eye For An Eye


A contract worth thinking about :wink:


Added this to my favourites a while back :grin:
Great contract.


Belts and Suspenders

I think this one flows pretty well and is not too difficult but also not trivially easy, and can be done in quite a few ways. Also, it doesn’t have five targets :stuck_out_tongue:



I did this in the 2016 game. same target but with a different kill method. Not too hard but still challenging.


Hi, I’d appreciate it if you tried out my contract. It’s nothing special so no worries if you don’t want to give it a go! :slight_smile:
Hitman 2
Sapienza Legacy
Contract ID: 2-03-0840295-31


Name : Presstructured Crime
ID : 1-11-0122295-04
Platform : PC
Location : Miami
Briefing : You have to kill 4 press members without a specific disguise with some special methods (see screenshot). All four targets are around the bar but be careful of the security crew !
Screenshot :

Why the contract should be featured : This contract doesn’t require any special equipement to be done : most of the items can be found around the bar. I also found a funny name huehue.


I’m pretty new at contract creation, I would welcome any constructive criticism. Let me know what you guys think!

Name: Tourist Trap
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-13-1385407-10
Location: Mumbai

Why should it be featured? It’s got a pretty good theme going. It may be on the easier side though.


Once I realised it would be more fun to drown the clever victim I quit the contract.
Not flexible enough.


Can we get some clarity on where we can submit Featured Contracts?

I think this thread is perfectly suitable, or perhaps individual threads for each Theme as and when they are announced by IOI, but I think it would be reasonably to have an alternate submission portal as well. Non-HMF members could post their submissions on the Squenix forum for HITMAN 2016, but with that out of the picture it seems a bit unintuitive to have threads on HMF be the only available option.

@Travis_IOI any thoughts? Will tweeting Contract codes to the Hitman/IOI Twitter accounts be a valid way of submitting in the case of not being able to access HMF?


Travis has yet to announce the Theme for the next batch. Dunno how much longer he wants to wait, it will only result in less submissions.

Anyway, the last batch was selected from multiple sources, I guess mostly your other thread. Last Season this thread became more important the bigger it got. Maybe this is the case again too next year. For the next batches I guess we keep going like we do now and wait for other announcements.


Oh, I’m quite happy to use this thread, no worries, but I was simply musing it’d be easier for all H2 players to be able to submit their contributions somewhere outside of HMF too :slight_smile:


Unless Travis refuses to tell the next theme because there will an ingame solution come soon, I guess IO is happy they have this board as a platform. Less infrastructure to maintain.


Problem is any banned/suspended members won’t be able to submit their contributions.


One better makes friends here then who post one’s submissions then. :wink:


This contract was created to be done as fast as possible with these specifics methods and it’s also possible to kill the cleaver guy before he goes to the toilet. Thank you for playing and rating my contract, hope it will help me later on contract creations !


350 hours in Hitman and over 200 hours into Hitman 2. Here is my first contract. Tried to have fun with its theme. You can SASO it but it’s pretty tough, and I thought it was fun to do a SA challenge that included the Shiek costume, plus adding the easter egg of giving the brick of cocaine to Florida Man.

Name: Sting Operation
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-11-3936173-96
Location: Miami


Platform: PC
Contract name: ROY-ARJ PARADIGM
Contract ID: 1-12-1104918-93