HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Submitted for Featured consideration:

The Sagese Dynasty

Platform: PS4
User: JetBlackEvil
Location: The Icon [Sapienza]
Contract ID: 2-05-6188889-49

Good evening 47,

Textile industry heiress Gia Sagese has hired you to eliminate her four brothers, who are preventing her from inheriting her father’s billion-dollar garment empire.

Baldassarre, Camillo and Giovani Sagese are working in Sapienza on the set of Hollywood movie “THE ICON,” as DOP, SFX Supervisor and Sound Recordist, respectively.

Guarino Sagese, the unemployed, mentally inept runt of the litter, has also been spotted mooching around the set, taking selfies.

Good luck,



(Targets: Baldassarre Sagese, Camillo Sagese, Giovani Sagese, Guarino Sagese)


Having this thread definitely makes it easier for finding contracts for Featuring. As @Urben mentions in the OP, the SEF thread is now closed. In fact, the Hitman section is closed in general.

This thread and the member contracts thread also here on HMF will be the go-to places for Featured Contracts, as well as any that are posted on Reddit. Thanks to all that have posted so far, keep them coming.


@ampburner Could this be pinned maybe?


I really liked how this one ended, specially because I finally learned how to properly cause gasoline leaks and even with the explosions the whole thing was pretty consistent each time. Enjoy :bear:


Where are the targets? I will recreate for ps4.


It’s funny, with all this conversation, this thread will end up being a complete duplicate of the other thread. :joy:

What I liked about the SE contracts thread is that it had 0 conversation in it. It was strictly contracts and that’s it. Really efficient.

I would suggest to everyone to keep it to contract submission only.


Hi! How are you doing? You feeling okay? How is Canada?


You can check them on @Ed_ll3’s video. It’s way easier to check them on screen.
it’s the comment 9192. By the way, I think Nakar already recreated it on Ps4. Check for it.


when after many weeks your thread finally turns out to be good and people make fun of it


It would be if it wasn’t like the other EXACT same thread going on. You know how awesome the SE thread was. Contract submissions and that’s all.

It’s already been said by Travis that the “bugs” thread is a mess and hard to keep up because of the ongoing conversations. Just like the SE bugs thread, no conversation, just bug reports.

I’m only saying this to benefit the thread and Travis, not to be an ass.


How difficult can it be to post details here, clean, then also post the deets in the main contracts thread at the same time for any extended chat? :joy: Anyhow…

Name of Contract: A Time to Kill
Contract ID: 3-04-6968599-88
Platform: XB1
Location: Landslide
A Time to Kill


I posted quite a few in the old thread over at SE. I want to note all of those which were not featured yet, this is the only one of which I think it is still worth it:

Oh my god, are you okawbrlwbrlwbwrl

Paris, ID 1-02-5866051-67

Here the regular game card + briefing:

EDIT: another one in the past:

“He is the sun and the moon”

Bangkok — 1-08-3669147-67 — My time: 40s


moon sun


Dual Trio
Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-03-3720762-24
Location/Mission: Sapienza/World Of Tomorrow

Dual Trio



Here’s a contract i hope would get featured later this month or nect month. I posted in the Member’s Thread. I wasn’t aware there was a submission thread (Thanks @MrBurn4488 for the heads up) . Anyway, here’s the contract.

There are a few different ways of approaching this one. All the targets are in the “security relax area” on the same level as the operating theatre. :slight_smile:




ID: 1-10-8400473-46
Contract name: Bulletproof
Kind of a puzzle contract.


Name of Contract: The Sapienza Vector
Contract ID: 1-03-5805418-46
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza

Good morning, 47. Your destination is, once again, Sapienza, Italy.

The Morello family, one of the many contenders of the small town’s underworld,have asked us to rid them of their competitor’s café restaurant, to deliver a significant blow in their sector of the town. You have four targets which comprise the bulk of their organization. However, their deaths must look like accidents or we risk starting a war between the families and our client is not willing to pay for that.

Good luck, 47!

Screenshot of Contract: N/A

I feel like this contract is a strong contender to the ‘short and sweet’ Hitman experiences whilst maintaining that competitive element for the ones who want a fast SA/SO run. And the beautiful landscapes of Sapienza are always welcome.


A Society of Shadows

This is a sniping contract, but designed with enough flexibility that it can be solved a multitude of ways. I wanted to design a contract that used the thus far under-utilized rooftop area in Hokkaido, which is only accessible via ninja outfit.


Contract ID: 2-10-7821021-49
Platform: PS4
Location: Hokkaido

Good afternoon, Mr. Wayne.

For your final test, you must break your one sacred rule. We have identified five low-level, common criminals - thieves, drug dealers, Trump supporters - for you to take out. Silently. Unnoticed.

Only then can you become a true member of the (definitely not DC-related, untrademarkable) SOCIETY OF SHADOWS.

Remember: Criminals thrive on society’s ‘understanding.’

Good luck Batm- er… Mr. Wayne.


R. A. Ghul.


why not
ID: 1-01-4264014-46
Contract name: Insider


An Order from Jarbinger

ID: 1-03-0803670-44
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza (World of Tomorrow)*
Description: A much more silly and fun contract with three targets referencing HitmanForum.
This contract should be featured because it’s fun and simple, yet it still requires a tiny bit of time in order for the player to figure out what method they want to use in order to kill the targets.

Red Handed

ID: 2-04-3805568-11
Platform: PS4
Location: Sapienza at Sunset (Landslide)
Description: 5 different targets that must be killed with a secret weapon on the map in a easily obtainable disguise (that comes with the price, of course, of being hard to navigate with the disguise on)
This contract should be featured because it’s hard, challenging, and definitely needs to take some time in order to put together the pieces of the puzzle, or in this case, the contract.