HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Rifle Wire

ID: 1-22-1982071-44
Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek

Why it should be featured:
I feel like this contract, while restricting the ways to kill the targets, doesn’t restrict the player on how to kill the targets in that manner. Plus, it requires you to think carefully about your loadout: Do you take an Assault Rifle in your briefcase and sacrifice one of your slots with the other one taken up with your fiber wire, or do you smuggle in your assault rifle and take an extra item to assist you in your run, at the cost of a bit of time? With a 3 minute time limit on your hand, you’ll have to think whether you want to ensure the kill or get it quicker and how to do it.

Screenshots + Description:

Official HITMAN 2 Featured Contracts (themed)

Name of Contract: Health & Safety Nightmare
Contract ID: 3-12-8409596-79
Platform: XBox
Location: Santa Fortuna

Why the contract should be featured: It’s trickier than it first appears, and it makes clever use of the optional conditions mechanics.


HITMAN 2 - Rifle Wire - (1-43)

Good Contract !!!


This was my first contract of Hitman 2
Contract ID: 2-03-8246561-79


Name of Contract: The King Penguin
Contract ID: 1-21-0897853-16
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàil
Description/Briefing: At the top of it’s fortress, the king will be dethroned.
Why the contract should be featured: Who hasn’t hated not being able to eliminate the constat in the main story ?
Well, now you can take care of him, his guards and his butler in the party at the top of the castle !
Invited people only!


I’ve made a contract on PS4 which tasks Agent 47 with eliminating Saul Goodman, of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame.

It sees 47 travelling to Vermont where Saul has once again changed his identity and is now working as a bin-man.

This is a fun, simple contract, and I think it should be chosen as a featured contract because it blends the worlds of ICA and Breaking Bad together. And to be honest, as much as I love Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman, he needs to be put out of his misery.

The contract title is ‘Better Kill Saul’.


Sounds nice! Why did you decide on making him a garbage man? He would be perfect at selling muffins! He used to work in a coffee place.


That’s a good shout! I didn’t think of that at the time.

I chose the garbage man because I thought he looked like Saul, ‘cos of the moustache. And also it’s a kind of reference to what a dirtbag he is LOL.


ID : 1-11-6745601-04


Security Problems - (2:20)


This is not my contract,but I think it deserves to be seen.
An interesting, high quality, seemingly simple puzzle contract by Fat Horse Fat
ID: 1-11-9315171-79


Name of Contract The Final Test +
Contract ID 2-01-6272555-51
Platform PS4
Location ICA Facility / The Final Test
Description/Briefing Well, well 47. It seems that Soders has put you to the ultimate, absolute, definitive, masterful, very difficult final test.

Do what you do best.

Good luck!

Created by MrRichie_92


If anyone got Fiber Wire themed contracts please share. (I’m on PS4)


Was this the submission thread for the Fiber Wire theme? Otherwise you might want to track that one down and see the ones which didn’t make the cut!


I honestly don’t know. I haven’t really played Contracts mode as much in Hitman 2 as I did in s1. Just been in the mood for some new contracts. Preferably Fiber Wire themed.


Check the featured contracts tab . There are 10 fiber wired themed contracts


Alright cool. I’m just asking in advance because I’m currently without internet (I’ll be getting a new provider this weekend.) just wanted some to look forward to when the time comes. But thank you, I will do that :slightly_smiling_face:


Featured ones


There are also rewards for you ti unlock when you’ve completed 5, 15, 25 & 40 ft. contracts


Oh wow, I’ll definitely have my hands full haha thanks again, bro! I Look forward to playing these.