HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)





The Bad Presentation


ID: 1-08-9878571-41

Description: Mrs. Mookjai is the manager at the Thomas Cross-owned Himmapan Luxury Hotel and Resort.
She has determined 4 employees who have low performance and getting most complained from customers.
get rid of them!



Here’s a nice contract. Suit Only, Fire Axe (Melee)



  • Max: The guard talking to the morgue doctor near the snowmobile
  • Makio: When of the guard guarding the heart
  • Katashi: We all know him
  • Kii: The enforcer surgeon in the operating theatre (where u start as a surgeon)
  • Kaouki: The guard that goes to the toilet


The Real Kurt and his Many Brothers (NOT)

ID: 1-02-4265059-44
Platform: PC
Location: Paris (The Showstopper)
Description: Kurt, Viktor Novikov’s bodyguard, has a lot of identical-twins (not brothers from another family) and it’s confusing himself. Kurt asked the agency to eliminate all the identical-twins, and also himself… he probably got a bit too confused and said that, but I mean, a contract’s a contract.
This contract should be featured because it’s funny, easy and enjoyable to play. It’s not restricted at all and allows you to be creative in your routes.


@cjgarof Have you seen Steve recently?


ID: 1-09-9820385-46
Contract name: Farmhouse Ghost


The ‘Hatch’ Phantasm

This isn’t my contract, this is actually @JDMHatch_G’s. It’s really fun, and it hadn’t been submitted here so I want to do it for him.
PS4: 2-07-3491591-51
PC (Re-creation): 1-07-1899312-44
Location: Marrakesh at night (A House Built on Sand)
Description: (Taken straight from the briefing) Agent, we need your help. The first two targets, Shihab and Ayat are both art thieves disguised as shop owners. Take them out, and also the head of security who will be overseeing an illegal deal if you don’t stop them. No one must know you were there. Good…
This contract should be featured because it’s fun, creative and allows for many different playthroughs and routes. There are no restrictions at all and it allows players to make their own restrictions and come up with creative runs such as Shuriken Only, Electrocution Only (I don’t know how you’d get that one), Poison Only and more.


A PS4 Contract by @_AnoMade. 4 Target Contract, Suit / Any Method in Hokkaido.

PS4 ID 2-10-3601125-21

XBOX ID: 3-10-5251356-48




I consider these two to be my best contracts. Available on PS4 and X1.


4 soldiers in the school - freeform - any/any.


Wrong House

4 guards in the farmhouse - freeform - any/any.



Interrogation Accident
Target: William Candler
Method: Accident
Disguise: Any
PS4 ID: 2-09-2114791-94

This is a funny puzzle contract for Colorado. Have fun!


Solid contract.
ID: 1-03-5468936-46
Contract name: Pier Of Wisdom
Briefing: 20171109125715_1



HitmanUltimateQuadRemastered Title:The Ultimate Quad REMASTERED Platform:PS4 ID:2-10-3771727-00


@Quine wanted new contracts with inventive uses of the Complication system, here’s one in the storied tradition of weird one-target contracts.

The Green Revolution (Sapienza): 1-03-4693154-02
TARGETS: Just one, the Bohemian with Any/Gardener.
COMPLICATIONS: Time Limit (4:20), No Disguise Changes, Perfect Shooter, No Pacifications
THE IDEA: I wanted to try @JohnnyAxXx’s idea of a forced starting point with NDC that isn’t the Suit. I also wanted to try Perfect Shooter as more of a puzzle aspect than a pure inconvenience. There is an obvious way to kill Piombo but it might be tricky to get the things you need when and where you need them. Ignore the Time Limit; it’s there for the joke only, and 4:20 is far too much time to complete this.


The Marrakesh Triangle — ID:1-06-5823727-67



Contract Name: Why So Serious?
Platform: PS4
Contract ID: 2-04-0829294-33
Location: Sapienza (Landslide)

Joker-Inspired contract with the Striker Pistol, switch blade (concealable knife) and Clown Suit.


Complications Pictured below:


2 versions of a sniper contract I made for The Icon level in Sapienza.
Contract Name: Deep Breath (The Raven’s Nest)
Platform: PS4
Contract ID: 2-05-5451273-33
The Complications are (4 total):
-No Disguise Changes (mandatory)
-Targets Only (Optional)
-No Recordings (optional)
-Headshots Only (Optional)

Sniper Contract Version 2 below
Contract Name: Raven’s Nest V2
Platform: PS4
Contract ID: 2-05-4140953-33


Contains the 4 Complications from before with 2 new and mandatory ones.
-Targets Only (optional)
and rest are pictured below



The rise and fall of Miss Dionisi
Contract ID: 1-04-5570806-07
Platform: PC
Location: Landslide - Sapienza
We’ll keep this short and easy; for a mission which is not.

Take care of Cristina Dionisi by making it look like she had an [Accident] and broke her neck by some sort of [Fall].

Think you can do it?

Godspeed, Mr. 47!


I spent many hours pondering how to pull this off, it’s incredibly satisfying to complete. This would be very interesting to see people take on.


We already have a Featured Contract with the exact same objectives as An Extreme Assignment.


That’s… Insane, I want to befriend that person lol, I looked it up and found it.

Edited and deleted.

Edit: I’m glad it wasn’t the Dionisi as that’s my personal favorite.


Hey Guys! This one’s quite a tricky one, and it implements the new conditions well, but it looks much scarier than it is!

Name: The Art of Cooking
Contract ID: 3-10-3823417-26
Platform : Xbox One
Location: Hokkaido (Situs Inversus)
Copy of description: A true chef must know how to prepare his food. Firstly, you must select your finest cuisine. Make sure it is fresh and ready for consumption. A true chef must be accurate with his tools, for even the slightest mishap can result in a disgusting dish. Do not waste your arsenal on food that is not meant to be prepared today, 47. there must be no witnesses to your cooking, lest they figure out your secret methods. Lastly, store your food in perfect conditions. Now go 47, and make me a meal.
Conditions (ALL MANDATORY, None optional):
Targets Only
Do not get spotted
No bodies found
Hide all bodies
No disguise changes
Headshots only
Perfect shooter
No pacifications
Target Locations: 1&2 are in the kitchen, 3 is in the cafe/food court, 4 is the man who tends the bar, but walks round to the steps, where the kitchen is, and 5 is tending the sushi bar, and is the first to react when you turn off the fusebox.
Motive: This mission implements the new condition features, whilst remaining to a theme, the theme of Chefs as targets. Its harsh boundaries will force even the most elite players to think outside the box. The fastest I have done it (Silent Assassin) is in 4:56. Please consider this contract, as I feel that it would interest a lot of players. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


The Bangkok Bamboozle (Bangkok): 1-08-2029059-02

TARGETS: Three Hotel Staff members in the basement.
COMPLICATIONS: Targets Only, No Pacifications
THE IDEA: It’s a disguise carousel except none of your targets offers a useful disguise and you can’t knock anybody out (or even kill them!) for theirs. However, all three of the disguises required are ones you can start with. You don’t need to start with any of them though. Zero Mastery approved!

The Gunslinger’s Reckoning (Colorado): 1-09-8872998-02

TARGETS: Just one: The guy in Sean Rose’s room.
COMPLICATIONS: Do Not Get Spotted, Headshots Only, Perfect Shooter.
THE IDEA: You gotta get a disguise and then take one good shot.