HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Underground Horror
PS4 ID: 2-03-6987839-94
A contract i created in April and wanted to post but totally forgot about it.

Good Luck Plague Doctor 47


Here’s a contract with a difference. The kill is very easy. The challenge is to exit the level while dressed as the ninja.

Via the cable car. :smile:

The Very Long Walk Home

Platform: PS4 / Contract ID: 2-10-9677751-49

Platform: PC / Contract ID: 1-10-6768390-43


The true test of a ninja is not killing without being seen.

The true test is to disappear in plain sight.



Tuk Tuk Temp Ta Tion


Puzzle type with two twists!

tuc tuc temp


Hey guys I just made a contract with more of a focus on the story side of it, but should provide some degree of challenge too. @Travis_IOI

Secrets to success

Good afternoon, 47.
Your target is Wes Liston, a high profile records producer currently working in The Class’ new album.
However, Liston is nothing but a thief and his recent hits were a direct plagiarism of our client demos.
Being that this dispute is of public knowledge, our client demands no suspicious activity or evidence around his death, given he would be the first suspect in case of an explicit murder.
An agent will pick you up in the basement to exfiltrate.
Good luck, 47



I created both of these for my No Mastery Challenge, but that was before Complications existed and I couldn’t really do what I wanted with them at the time. I think they’re pretty neat as puzzles though.

Unattended Consequences 2.0 (Colorado): 1-09-3441446-02
TARGETS: Five guys in the center of the map, roughly, all to be killed in Accidents. Any Disguise.
COMPLICATIONS: Perfect Shooter, No Pacifications.
THE IDEA: The idea here is to cause accidents without shooting a gun, as that’s by far the easiest way to trigger most accidents on Colorado. Unfortunately the Complication doesn’t prohibit the use of Breaching Charge explosive drops, but I’ll consider that a necessary loss.

I’m You, But Way Better 2.0 (Sapienza): 1-03-5410673-02
TARGETS: Five guys: The deliveryman near the truck, the gardener in the apartment near the church, the church staffer that hangs out above the organ, the stylist in the hair salon, and the guy sweeping in the Sanguine store. Each must be killed in his own disguise with Fiber Wire.
COMPLICATIONS: Targets Only, No Pacifications.
THE IDEA: Fundamentally, this contract was always about killing people in their own disguises without being able to take a disguise from somebody. Complications allow me to enforce that.


Bit different from my usual contracts. Easy but with a really good flow I think.

Also a protest to one of the worst Landslide decisions.


Unsafehouse - Xbox/PC - 3-04-4619232-83 - 1-04-4570678-02 (@Nakar)

- Headshots only
- No missed shots

The idea here is a quick dash through the apartments w/ perfect accuracy. Be careful with what you bring in your loadout :stuck_out_tongue:

(copy-pasted from HMF member contracts)


Here’s a few contract I think ended up pretty good:

Edge of the World
ID: 3-04-4473460-41
This one has some cool gun smuggling techniques needed to get the weapon to the target, and the solution is one of my favourites.

The Motorcade Misconception
ID 3-09-3315050-41
This one is very difficult imo; one of my most difficult yet. Not tedious however, but still a great puzzle to solve. With the target being in an open part of the middle of the compound you have to really think to take him out.
Restrictions are Car exit, no bodies found, no pacifications and never change disguises. (None of them optional)


Name of Contract: Hope Springs Eternal


Contract ID: 3-10-9500909-88
Platform: XB1
Location: Hokkaido

No complications, as I wanted to keep it as open as possible with a variety of weapon choices and start spots; hopefully robust enough to be completed fast, and also more methodically if that’s your bag.



@BernardoOne told me this is feature material. Here you go! Hard contracts need love too!

I heard you like the new BULLET DISTRACTIONS bois?
Well it is time to change that and replace that joy with frustration.
I worked on this one the last few days and found five targets in Colorado, where you WILL need bullet distractions to get them in blind spots. At three targets I even used additional distractions during the kills. They should not be necessary but they reduce the chance for found bodies alot and enhance the time score a bit.
I want to stress this: this is no RNG fest, if you find the real sweet spots and timings, the strat is consistent! Well as far it can be at Hitman.

The Vector: Water Tower

Time to beat: 1:25min

vector water tower

(No bodies found is optional so you can trial and error easier, the missed complication should give better feedback than the “crime noticed” or “guard allerted” messages)


Here’s a contract i think is worthy enough to share.
It is a challenging contract for most players.
For the pro’s and speedrunners, the challenge will be to figure out a fastest route.
For the rest of us, the challenge is to complete the contract with Silent Assassin rating.

I believe featured contracts should be a mix of quick linear contracts, and stealthy challenging contracts. :slight_smile:



The VIP Shock
Location: Hokkaido
PS4 ID: 2-10-3592095-94
Targets: The Hospital Director and Portman’s doctor (who escorts him to his appointment)


I want this contract to be featured because I believe it offers a decent amount of freedom to the players and provides them with great flow.



Contract name: Accidental Shift
ID: 1-09-8289996-46

Platform: PC
Location: Colorado



Deleted. Didn’t mean to put this in Featured.


Name of Contract: Fight for your title!
Contract ID: 1-03-6932021-30
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza/ World of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing: I am the most beautiful girl in the world. So “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” is MY title. But if you can finish this contract in 3 minutes, you can have this title and… my sweet kisses.
Screenshot of Contract
Why the contract should be featured: Cuz most people will have start location with a guard disguise, but that is not gonna work in this contract. And I want to have a contract featured.


Jim Stormdancer (née Crawford), the indie game dev who created Frog Fractions and Glittermitten Grove (aka Frog Fractions 2), has been playing lots of Hitman over the past few months and talking about how much he likes it on his podcast. I made a contract that I think he’d get a kick out of.

Steve Gaynor got a featured contract about him because of his love for Hitman. Why not Jim? Let’s celebrate all the indie game devs who support this game!

Frog Fractions 2
Sapienza Evening

We have been contracted by an indie dev, 47. In the lead-up to his game’s release, he has planned an ARG. One puzzle requires that a newspaper report upon three particular deaths; we are to arrange these deaths.

When we suggested that the puzzle is rather cruel, he replied, “It doesn’t matter. They’re just video game NPCs.” This response manifests deep psychosis and an inability to distinguish games from real life. No matter: his money is real. Help our client with his Alternate Reality, 47.



Name of Contract: The Silent Partner
Contract ID: 3-06-6796261-79
Platform: XBox
Location: Marrakesh
Description/Briefing: The client is a German investment firm with interests in Morocco. They recently learned that a rival plans to use the Strandberg scandal as cover to defraud the firm out of millions. A consulate employee, Eric Olander, has arranged to meet with someone known only as “The Silent Partner” to exchange sensitive information necessary for the fraud. The client asks that you remove both the employee and “The Silent Partner” before the exchange occurs. Good hunting.
Screenshot of Contract :1-16-2018_9-47-32_PM
Why the contract should be featured: This contract is challenging by its design, not because of pointless extra conditions added on after the fact. Completing it SA emphasizes patiences and efficiency.


No Way Out (Colorado): 1-09-6663760-02

Let’s make it a three one-target-contract trifecta from me, IOI. I dares ya. To understand why this is even a contract, give it a try and see what happens after you kill Barker. Then do the obvious thing. Then do the not obvious thing.


please stop making contracts on bonus missions
they have only 1 starting point and 1 agency pick-up

they all are linear, only one solution. so there is NO FUN!


No problem. If you want.