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puzzle routing contract
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No Slacking at work !!! Currently Trending Contract.

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Good luck everyone.

  1. That isn’t what makes a contract linear.
  2. Is IOI just never supposed to pick contracts on those maps that they made and want players to play on?


If they are all linear then why Fortheseven want contract mode in Patient Zero.


To be fair, i want a 2nd starting location on each bonus map aswell.

This baffles me that they didn’t. Having multiple starting points is one of their best ideas in the entire series. And yet they left that out in the bonus missions. Sure, they are smaller, but it would still greatly benefit them.

If i had to choose between 2nd starting locations or contracts mode on the P0 missions, i’d definitely choose the former. Allthough ideally i’d like to see both


that is biggest factor to make contracts linear. so we dont need those shitty missions.

better than nothing, and
they can add new starting locations on each map easily, we all saw it on latest escalations.
IOI added new starting points to AHBOS and Hokkaido.


Nnnnnnnno? There’re plenty of contracts on main missions that have “only one solution,” inasmuch as one start location is clearly superior to the others. Bangkok for example has a great many contracts where Suite/Crew are simply better than every other start. It also has one bad exit (the boat), one inconvenient exit (the basement), and one good exit that requires routing or forethought (the tuk-tuk). By comparison, AHBoS has a ton of exits and most of them are entirely viable and not inconvenient.

Whether a contract only has one starting point has almost no bearing on whether the contract itself is linear. Linearity is more defined by number of targets, specificity of kill/disguise restrictions, and number and location of exits. Landslide’s problem is it only has two generally viable exits. There’s only really one other place a start location could be (browsing at the market near the town hall) that would offer much difference, and it wouldn’t change most Landslide contracts substantially.

I’m not sure people here understand what the word linear means, because they’re quick to declare things linear that are in no sense linear. A contract where you must kill, with Melee, Luigi in Suit, then Roberto as Luigi, then Jingles as Roberto, then Sal Falcone as Jingles, the Cyclist as Sal Falcone is linear; there is no option to kill the targets out of order due to the disguise requirements and Melee restriction. A contract where you must kill Luigi, Roberto, Jingles, Sal Falcone, and the Cyclist Any/Any is not linear, even if there’s one or two start locations that are strongly suggested by the target selection.

A contract on AHBoS where you must kill four people Any/Any is not linear just because everyone starts at the same spot, especially if those four targets are in different parts of the map and maybe move around. Linearity means the contract has a single through line, which applies to far fewer contracts than people around here seem to think.

@Fortheseven is correct to want more start locations, but not because they’d make existing contracts better per se. In my mind, more start locations means more design space for contract creators to design contracts with different starting locations in mind (many good Paris contracts are designed around making 2-3 viable start locations without the creator knowing for sure which is best), or to have a preferred start point from which the contract is most easily routed that’s different from the more common ones. There’s a lot of contracts on Landslide I’ve never bothered to make because you can’t start up at the marketplace, but from a pure routing standpoint there’s no difference between starting at the market and starting at the default location and running up the road. It takes 15-20 seconds, that’s all, and that’s the only reason I didn’t bother to make those contracts as I found that part annoying and uninteresting. An extra starting location would make those contracts more fun to play (and an extra exit or two would make them more fun as well), but it doesn’t make those contracts any more or less linear; that’s the result of other design decisions.


Wrong thread to be having conversations in, PPL!! This is featured contracts submissions ONLY. No conversations.


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actually thats not your business at all.

we can debate anything in anywhere


I was quite pleased with this one, not saying that it should be featured tho :slight_smile:

Room Service!



You can in terms of I can’t make you stop doing so. Still I would appreciate to not use this thread for discussions as it makes it easier for Travis to use this thread. The regular contracts thread is more fitting for this, as I said in the OP.

But I am sure you guys realized that already and me saying this was needless. :wink:

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hey we can debate for featured contracts. for improving them.
travis may get new ideas from players or debate results

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For science.


Well duh


Re-created on Xbox. ID 3-02-6105475-48


The Fiber Wire Of God
You can hardly stay longer when your god is calling on you.
This contract is amazingly open-ended, and you can do it in a variety of ways, but remember —— time is life.


A very open contract, all targets are any method. So, have fun.


A line. All targets have to hide the body. The way to hide the body is also different. Have fun.


The Disturbance Upset
Sapienza / Landslide

Stage Play
Sapienza / Landslide

emmmm, well, I don’t think they’re funny.


The Long and Winding Road
Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage
It’s a long and winding road. The two are miles apart. Any careless can smash all your hard work. Good luck.