HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Security Crash
Bangkok / Club 27
Where is the exit? :slight_smile:


4 hours I did attempts to execute the contract. Now the contract is passed, on my channel - youtube SANY-72Q I laid out passing.


Elusive Target3


Rose Thorn, Evil Heart
Colorado / Freedom Fighters
An interesting contract, good luck. :smiley:


Forgot that I mentioned @MRGaming in the briefing


Kill the dead person in five different ways!

72Q Naked Dead Man - 1 PC: 1-10-7438452-93

72Q Naked Dead Man - 2 PC: 1-10-6117322-93

72Q Naked Dead Man - 3 PC: 1-10-5128806-93

72Q Naked Dead Man - 4 PC: 1-10-2333374-93

72Q Naked Dead Man - 5 PC: 1-10-8558125-93


I am confused about something. Is this official? Like, does Travis read these and choose some or?


Yes Travis reads this here. It is not the only source he gets contracts from but I guess the main one.


Bangkok / Club 27
An open and interesting contract. :wink:


House Fall
Sapienza / World of Tomorrow
Just a contract :smiley:


Welcome to the contract
72Q Hell
PC: 1-10-8632943-93


This is my favorite contract. :smiley:

Cut Off The Virus!
Featured: It is very open, if you want safe, you can start from the underground lab, but will consume more time. If you want fast, you can start from the main square, but it will increase the difficulty.


The Gnomes
PS4: 2-09-4979050-21


Another nice contract. :smiley:

Featured: Um… I don’t know, but I just think it’s very feature. :thinking:


Another Day in Sapienza
Sapienza/World of Tomorrow
Description: 5 Targets, Any Method

Why it could be featured: It’s not too hard, for one. Targets could be taken out directly, or done via sniper rifle -but could depend on some RNG, or just well placed (distracting) shots. When done with a sniper rifle, it reminds me of the sniper level from the Patient Zero campaign. At least 4 of the targets can be hidden pretty easily (and one might need a set-up so he can be hidden after being shot). Fun (imo).



Signal Flare

A puzzle contract that does not look like a puzzle contract. It seems like it would have you infiltrate Silvio’s mansion as the hippie, and I’m sure many players would complete it that way. But noting the title and description and weapon specifics might clue you in to the fact that there’s a much quicker and interesting way to solve it. And full optimization would be challenging indeed.



Bodyguard Shuffle
Featured: Jordan or Morgan?


Names Are For Friends…

I think this contract should be featured due to the amount of choice in killing the targets, while also keeping the puzzle element. Can be done fast or you can be patient, while still getting silent assassin. Also, CHAOS_AGENT_45 enjoyed the contract!


Murder deal

Marrakesh /A Gilded Cage



Good afternoon, 47.

A few hours ago, we received a contract that requires our immediate participation – the time goes by minutes and you need to act quickly.

Our client Locksley had an informal meeting with representatives of the construction company China Corp. yesterday. who seek to obtain large contracts in Marrakech. The client does not want to disclose the details of the meeting, but it is of a secret and investment nature. However, the meeting was revealed, which our client categorically did not want.

As long as he gets rid of all the evidence that links him to this deal, you need to eliminate two sources of leakage – Hilda Berg, the head of security of the Consulate, which was at the meeting as an intermediary, but a large amount of money she was persuaded, as well as Labib Abdul-Wajid Sabbag – bodyguard of the cafe, where the meeting took place.

Hilda is ready to reveal the identity of our client, and Labib is ready to confirm her words, as he saw the client personally. According to the head of security’s schedule, she has an appointment with a GNN journalist, which is unacceptable.

Locksley thinks it might be Hamilton-Lowe who paid a lot of money to get the head of Consulate security to talk about it.

However, this is not all the help that our client needs: he wants to answer for the disrupted meeting and strike at one of the main shareholders of Hamilton-Lowe, who is now at the Consulate in Marrakech at the request of Claus Strandberg.

All that is required is to remove the guard of the consulate Orvar Liljestrom, so that the people of our client could get inside the consulate without noise.

Good hunting, 47.

Why the contract should be featured: this contract combines elements of a small puzzle (bodyguard cafe and miss Berg).


Hi Mikhail Turov :new_moon_with_face: