HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)


Welcome to the contract
72Q test on the ghost of the ninjia
PC: 1-10-8769294-93


Achelous’s Offerings
PC: 1-06-1242491-18


Featured: Sometimes, waiting is useless…(This contract took me a lot of time. :joy:


Do you have any good way?

Death Shower
PC: 1-10-2914319-18

A very interesting and unrestricted contract. :smiley:
And try SA/SO


Name:Undercover Cover Up

Recently a outstanding contract, above is requirements.It is not created by me, but after I tried I found this contract should be elected as the featured contract, The targets are in Bangkok hotel security room on the second floor, you need to wear a suit to kill the four security guards with masamune. That only have courage, imagination, and a little luck players can successfully complete the mission, very challenging for SO players and speedrun players .If this contract can be elected as the featured contract, I believe that will be a nice experience of all the players .
Good hunting!


Name:The Partners
Creator:Creeper Carrico
It is a chalenging contract, that allows for various ways to complete, not being tedious or unnecessarily hard


ID: 3-06-5836103-24
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Marrakesh




«Allaise»: the last installment


Sapienza / Landslide



Good evening, 47.

In the Italian city of Sapienza are now the election of the mayor, where a significant margin leads Marco Abiatti – a politician with dubious connections, dealing with the mafia family Giovanni.

Two of his invited guests are the targets –Teresa Balma and Claudio Muti. Both are partners of the firm “Dilton”. Since 2006, they began to actively engage in charity, but later their vector of assistance has changed dramatically – after a meeting with Mr. Mabaya Mzabuni, who was last seen at a fashion show in Paris, all their funds began to flow to the charity Fund “Allaise”, engaged in the collection of funds for blood cancer patients, but not so easy…

According to the information of Interpol, who is the clients, Teresa and Claudio began to make major contributions to the “Allaise” around 2010 to 2015, there was another major contribution, which exceeded us $ 31 million. Interpol studied in detail the charitable Foundation and found out that almost the entire list of people who donated round sums of money – does not exist in nature, except for two: Teresa and Claudio. The money trail was virtually impossible to establish, too confusing and a bunch of shell companies, but their agent, analyst Penelope Graves found out that the funds came into Mr. Mzabuni’s account, with whom they met a few years ago.

Mzabuni – supports the terrorist group “Crystal Dawn” and is its representative, so the presence of such schemes is not surprising.

Interpol has evidence, though, but it’s all indirect and insignificant, except for the money trail. They believe that any action in the direction of Mzabuni can activate the process of destroying all evidence, including indirect – this can not be allowed.

Good hunting, 47.

Why the contract should be featured: the contract has a small complexity in the form of an old axe, which needs to eliminate one of the targets.


Electro Shuffle
Our target, Dalia Margolis are rumored to be the mastermind of a new human trafficing ring. Our client Victor Novikov has placed a hit on Dalia and her suspected accomplices. Since they are notorious for electrocuting young girls… I know that you love poetic justice

I think this contract will be really challenging. You would need to use some hidden elements to complete this challenge at the time its set for


My previous account @I.Atmosphere.F forgot password.
If my previous contract Death Shower became featured.
I hope briefing “HITMAN community known as I.Atmosphere.F” change to “known as Atmosphere”

OK, this is one of my sniper contracts.
Sniper Play
PC: 1-03-5415694-18

It’s very open, you don’t need to wear a suit, you can kill the targets in your own way, and good hunting!


Sansouci Twins by: @ArjabRoy
PC: 1-02-4744798-04

This contract is not by me, but I think it should be featured because it is very open and easy, all players can play, good luck. :smiley:


Contract: 72Q Contado Paradigm
PC: 1-02-4355942-93


Contract on The Source:

Name: Dang, Son!
ID: 3-16-9378820-24
Platform: Xbox One


Name : Last Twitch
Description : “Two developers of a popular Scandinavian video games company project to leak major details about a massively anticipated new season in a stream session. Eliminate them before it’s too late !”
Platform : PC
ID : 1-09-2559766-56
Destination : Colorado
Targets : 2
Restrictions : 1#All bodies hidden 2#No evidence 3#Headshots only 4#Unspotted while dragging a body



PC Contract

About a year ago I did a deep dive on sniper contracts. One sniping location that I could never make work was the clock tower above the gelateria in Sapienza. There just weren’t enough interesting targets from that location. But now, with the changes to sniping and bullet distractions, I revisited the area. I spent a good ten hours tagging all possible targets and checking distractions and sightlines, and I found some great ones. Sniping Luigi from the clock tower in particular is a real gem.

If you don’t care about speed you can just take out the targets one after another, and that’s still tricky and fun. Each of the five requires a different tactic and presents a different puzzle. But once you figure out how to make the shots, there’s still a speed puzzle. If you’re trying to go fast you have to put the targets on clocks in order to get them in the right locations at the right time. I found the timing was pretty interesting in my tests and I think there’s a neat optimization puzzle here. I’m not sure what the best order to eliminate the targets would be.


Mirror Fragment
PC: 1-06-0900432-18



How to attack the target in the crowd? Have Fun. :smiley:


In case people might have missed it but sadly John @Totalbiscuit Bain has passed away due to Cancer May 24, 2018

In remembrance i made a contract:

If you’d like to perhaps extend a hand of support to those suffering with such an affliction, consider donating to a charity (Genna Bain, John’s wife has suggested Bowel Cancer UK) or supporting a distributed computing project such as [email protected]

Have a nice day everyone.


Benny Got A Gun
by Force_Obscure

PC : 1-09-6548161-56
Colorado, USA

Poor Benny has some drinking problems since he was removed from the Spec Ops team because he couldn’t shoot straight. Rose already gave him his second chance. Rules are rules : no drinking during working hours !

Diego and Mark, his ex-colleagues, are responsible for having tampered with his gun so he couldn’t shoot straight. Is there a justice in Colorado ? If so, prove it.


A few of my contacts I found from a while back. Figured I’d share them :man_shrugging:



Boom Boom Pow
Xbox: 3-16-0859094-79
A Fun Shotgun Contract that is Suit Only


Coining It In
Xbox One

Little, not too difficult accident only contract.

Added screenshots. The headshot complication was added accidentally …