Hitman2 xbox, Cant play missions

So I bought the standard disc. Ive bought the digital expansion pack. I can still only play prologue. Is there something Im missing??? Or am I supposed to drop 39.99 on every stupid map??? If so Im gonna burn this disc and send it back to the creator…

You bought Hitman 2 Stanard and bought the Expansion Pass digitally, right?
You have to install every map individually. You can check either the Microsoft Store for that or you can download them in the game menu.


yes. All the maps were installed, just not playable. Im uninstalling and reinstalling everything right now. We will see… But so far, no luck, with any extra maps and missions. Granted that was the first go around. its Frustrating to say the least

Which extra maps and mission do you mean? There are no extra maps and missions that are part of the expansion pack released yet.

well Miami, umm all of the basic ones. I guess I need t
o buy the damn gold to have this work. All I have is the prologue…

I bought the standard copy of hm2 . Not sure what it comes with but it let me do the training session and final test . Didn’t install any dlc . Looking to how to even play campaign .

You need to install each location (map) manually. You do that through Manage Games > Hitman 2 and then find where your Hitman 2 add-ons/dlcs are located. There are usually in a “ready to install” queue list.

Are they free because I already spent 50 bucks and can’t even play campaign seems crazy. This pic is all that is coming up for add ons . Maybe I’m missing something

also none the add ons( maps ) are free did I spend fifty bucks for just the prologue lol

If you own Expansion Pass (bought it), you should have access to everything that been released.
Only thing is you have to search for this DLCs manually in your store and download them manually.
They have separate pages and have nothing to do with Expansion Pass page.
Go search for The Bank (New York) or Siberia or Sports Pack etc directly in your game store.
If you are eligible, you should see something of Download button there. Hit it, wait for content to download and enjoy

I don’t know how console stores work, but if there is a section of DLCs on the game page it would ease for you the search process and should show you all the content you might have

Thank you for the help so far but I guess my question. Is what can I get for free with the standalone disc. Can’t play the campaign, just the prologue . Don’t feel like spending anymore money on it . Expected more than like two hours of gameplay

With Standard edition you get ICA Facility, Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Isle of Sgail and Himmelstein.

You’ll find them where your Hitman 2 dlcs are stored and ready to be installed.

Male sure you’re not launching Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack which is a demo and only comes with ICA Facility and Hawke’s Bay.