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I am sorry to have to announce some bad news.
About a week ago, it was brought to my attention that the hitmanforum archive was listed by google chrome as a “phising” site.

In their words…


It turns out that the very old software (Invision Power Board v3.old) it was running on has been infected by a worm or virus. there is no reason to believe that passwords or email addresses have been stolen but the site has been compromised.

Since it is such an old site, cleaning up the infection would have meant

  • reinstalling the several years old version of invision power board software,
  • manually cleansing it of infected files
  • then manually upgrading it to the latest version to prevent new infections
  • (and purchasing a new license)
  • continued manual updates to the software, to keep it from getting outdated.

And so, Today I have decided to not renew the hosting plan for the old forum.

It’s been a place full of memories and I had a good time there. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to that place. The members and the moderators, and especially the good people of Modwest (Steven / Sersun) and their helpful engineers.

In memoriam

Also, long live Discourse. :wink:


RIP :frowning:
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Sad times. I really enjoyed browsing the archive every now and then to reminisce on the old threads.

Whilst it’s a shame to see 12 years of HMF history taken offline, I also appreciate you keeping it up as long as you did @ampburner. Cheers!

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“We’ll always have Paris Hitmanforum.”


I wanted to visit archive recently,just browse through countless threads and everything…I missed my chance

I’m sad I haven’t discovered HMF until H6. I’ve been playing Hitman since 2000 and only joined this, like, few months ago! :sob:

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I’m glad I made the decision a while back to save every single custom mission. This news woulda been terrible if I hadn’t.

I say, thanks for having the archives up in the first place and for as long as you did!

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I’m gonna miss that place. Place was booming around the time of Absolution’s release.

R.I.P to the original HitmanForum. May your crazy ass threads live long in the memory!


Sad indeed… I remember how I’ve been browsing HMF almost everyday since 2004 or so. I loved when there was an update of “picture of the month” and I remember myself trying to get a sweet picture on the front page as well. Hitmanforum had a lot of content and was much more than just a forum, but I guess that was another time. Today the internetforums seems much more minimalistic and simple; it’s al about debating and nothing more. I can’t say it’s a bad thing, because I actually like discourse and how easy it is to use, but I still find the old forums with signatures and shit to be kind of charming in it’s own sense. The customization each user could do made it easier to separate each member from each other.



What happened to the Hitmanforums that had detailed walkthroughs for Silent Assassin, Contracts, etc…Or was it a different website? I haven’t been online in a while and so much has changed…

That’s the old site, which has now sadly been lost to the sands of internet time.

I wanted to read some old threads, but it says they’re not archived. :neutral_face:

Because, as this topic states – the old forum is offline.

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:sob::sob::sob::sob: Nooo… i completely missed this news. I loved the old forum so much. Fuck!