HitmanForum Contracts Competition! Prizes to be won! (PC Only) Entries now closed!


Introducing the 1st HitmanForum Contracts Competition!

create your best/original/fun contract
I will play each one and determine which 3 are the best! Prizes are to be won for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

Unfortunately, this competition is PC only

Only one contract per person.
If you post 2 or more contracts, I will only play the first one you post.

You must post in the description of the contract: “made for the hitmanforum contracts competition” so I know it’s an original creation, and not one you made months ago.
Post the contract ID in this thread otherwise it will not be counted.

I will award points based on:
Don’t do something boring like the Mario bros. in Sapienza. Be interesting, do something unique.
This is not synonymous with difficulty.
Effort in the briefing
Make an interesting background or reason to kill your targets.
Remember to post “made for the hitmanforum contracts competition” to be in for a chance to win!

It doesn’t have to be an SA SO contract to be in for a chance of winning. As long as it’s fun, challenging and I can see effort has been put into it.

Their will be first, second, and third place prizes:
First place: any steam game up to £50 (or regional equivalent)
Second place: any steam game up to £30 (or regional equivalent)
Third place: any steam game up to £20 (or regional equivalent)

This is a competition to encourage creativity, and to give smaller contract creators a chance to shine through. Please feel free to play all these contracts yourself!

All contracts made in this thread will also go into the hitmanforum contacts spreadsheet, in its own tab for easy selection.

Simply make a contract and post it down below. You have 3 weeks to make and post, as entries will stop on the 9th of January 2017. After that, any contract posted will not be accepted.
Expect a week for me to play every entry, and I will announce the winners in the next week or so.
Good Luck!

EDIT: Entries are now closed! Expect the winners to be announced late next week.

This competition is not endorsed or affiliated in any way by IO Interactive or Square Enix.

Hitmanforum member contracts
Hitmanforum member contracts

I’m a PS4 guy, but I love this idea! Perhaps as a way to include more of us you could post videos of your winning picks? Maybe a mashup video for each of your first run and the final one.


You can check the date of creation by searching the contract ID.

Great idea, @introvert_.


Wasn’t aware you could, but it does also help promote the competition :stuck_out_tongue:


Awfully kind of you to put up your own money as rewards, just need someone to do the same for PS4 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


@introvert_ can it be one of my already existing contracts? sorry i got answer in the original post.


Just create them again Kappa


or don’t be boring and create something original for the sake of being sportsmanlike


It’s raining contracts everywhere. Lot of threads on contracts. What’s going on.


Season’s over so people are finding new and creative ways to enjoy HITMAN.


If only I could make contracts in Holiday Hoarders. I’d make another Dr. Death and post it here.


Wrong Head to Cut

ID: 1-03-1236490-57

"You can’t work as a Stylist when so many people decide to go bald, time to do something about it!

Made for the Hitmanforum contracts competition."

EDIT: Disguise location in case you didn’t know huehuehue


Dammit, that edit came after I spent 10 minutes trying to find the disguise, just wonderful :’)


I’ll play it when the deadline closes on the 9th of January


Is “made for the hitmanforum contracts competition” still a requirement? My briefing might be too effortful to fit that phrase in.


I’m worried about this too, can we be allowed to write it in the title instead (if space permits)?


Title is also fine, or you can shorten it to HFCC (Hitman Forum Contracts Conpetition)


Well, I though what could be considered challenging, while not being too hard. I decided that my answer is going to be forcing to use loud weapons while wearing suit in hostile area. It’s not hard, if you spend time preparing kills (it’s even possible to achieve SA), but speedrunners should have enough of a challenge, that they’ll hate me for it. And when I said “force”, I didn’t mean asking in briefing. Go ahead and use silenced sniper rifle and silenced pistol. You won’t be able to silence shotgun, SMG and assault rifle though.


Do you mind if I recreate for Xbox? This looks like an intersting and fun challenge


Go ahead. More platforms = more people playing that I can watch.