HitmanForum Contracts Spreadsheet - All HitmanForum contracts in one single spreadsheet! PC, PS4 & XBOX

Hey everyone, I’ve made a spreadsheet containing nearly all the contracts with an ID from this thread: Hitmanforum member contracts

Please continue to post your contracts on that thread for feedback and discussion. H̶o̶p̶e̶f̶u̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶w̶e̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶i̶g̶ ̶d̶a̶t̶a̶b̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶c̶o̶n̶t̶r̶a̶c̶t̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶c̶e̶.̶
We now have over 200 contracts over all 3 platforms recorded and we are growing every day!

I will update this spreadsheet as much as I can. It contains PC, PS4 and XBOX contracts.
You can also comment on it for corrections or want your own contract added if I have missed it.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:

We now have a ratings system! Look next to contracts to see how forum members have rated your contract and by how many votes! If you want to vote on contracts yourself, PM me with your platform of choice


I’ve added # of targets and Map Columns, but while I will continue to add PS4 contracts, since I cannot play or see them I can’t update these columns for those contracts.
I also added a distinction between maps if it requires the Summer Bonus Episode DLC.

I’ve updated the Contracts Spreadsheet so its now easier and clearer to find contracts for your platform.

I’m always updating the spreadsheet with contracts from this forum, so make sure to bookmark it :stuck_out_tongue:


Good work.

It might be worth clarifying that there are also xbox contracts in there.


cheers, I missed that.

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It’s bookmarked since day 1 for me :stuck_out_tongue: I really appreciate you doing this and I am sure many more do too :slight_smile:


Xbox contracts ‘A Prayer Defaced’, ‘The Unholy Trinity’ and ‘Her Final Performance’ all have three targets and ‘Lost In Transit’ has four, if you want to update that.

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Cheers Spodey

Yeah I think it’s just chance that not many Xbox players are on this forum I guess

Hey everyone. I’ve been away the last few days, but I’ve come back and added some new stuff to the spreadsheet. I’m trying out some filters to make searching for a contract for a certain map or # of Targets easier. F̶o̶r̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶I̶’̶v̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶d̶d̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶X̶B̶O̶X̶ ̶l̶i̶s̶t̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶I̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶s̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶f̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶a̶d̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶t̶f̶o̶r̶m̶s̶.̶ ̶S̶o̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶f̶o̶l̶l̶o̶w̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶s̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶t̶r̶u̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶r̶e̶p̶l̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶.̶ I have added it to all the platforms now, and am working on a ratings system, but thats for later :stuck_out_tongue: for now, this is how the filters work:

  1. Click on the “Filter” icon and select “XBOX Map”

  2. You are now in filter view. Unfortunately you cannot edit my filters, but you can duplicate them. Click on the Gear and select on “Duplicate”

  3. You now have a copy of my filter which you can now edit. Click on the drop down arrow on the “Map” cell and chose which Maps you want to see. In my example, I chose to just view contracts set in Sapienza

  4. Hopefully that worked and you can now see a filtered list! Please reply to this thread if it worked and I’ll add it to the other two platforms.

EDIT: I’ve also added a “Useful links tab” and a “Version History” tab. Plus a running count of how many contracts there are per platform


Working my way through the Xbox contracts right now - specifally @Aegis_Chrome’s. Thanks once again for putting this together :smiley:


did the filter thing work for you?

I’m on my phone but I’ll be sure to check it on desktop later. Works fine on this :slight_smile:

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ok good good :slight_smile:
20 char

Could you replace Out of Myself with Second Life Syndrome (1-08-1935921-64)? Basically the same contract, I just wanted to change a couple of details. Thanks.

20 characters dank memes

So, what’s the progress on the rating system? Looking forward to it!

It works! The downside is that you need to PM @introvert_ your email so that you can be given permission to edit your designated column :confused:

I hope we’ll find a better way to do this :confused:

I just made a random gmail account to use, if you’re not prepared to share your private email :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea.