Hitmanforum... has changed (+Sgg847)

Here are some nostalgic images of our beloved forum that many of our older members might still remember, sometimes i really regret it for not joining earlier.

(EDIT: Thanks for editing the title Dev_Chand, it was meant to be a little reference to MGS4, but now it’s more clear.)



<img <src=“https://image-archive.hitmanforum.com/hitmanforum/original/2X/0/0356ac0d175d0c45f789982d24a53a63a1bdf15f.png” width=“625” height=“500”>

2005 (This is when i started as a guest)



I remember entering the forum for the first time when it was like the second picture. And since I was 14 or 15 year old I did not knew much about social media or forums and even if I knew I had no idea how to register. So I was just there watching the photos. I remember there was some gallery topic and saved on a cd every picture


2013 was the best by far.


While it did have a lot of decent Hitman related discussions, I can’t really say I miss all the heated Absolution rants back then.


Totally miss the anti-Absolution banter in 2013.

Also I’ve realised some members here act like moderators and edit other users’ topics without asking them first. This regular member feature needs to be disabled, if possible.


No it should be kept. Allowing some “regulars” to put in more appropriate titles for threads only helps discussion and allows people to discover relevant topics more easily later on.

If you think someone is misusing it, feel free to report it to the moderators.


Thanks for fixing the title, but would you mind if you asked me first the next time i create a topic. I know it was a bad title, but i did it for celebration of MGSV : P…

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The trolling was annoying, but some guys were funny. But I loved that discussions, sometimes they were very interesting. And the forum was a lot more comfortable to navigate (my opinion).

Those were nice times :slight_smile:

Does anybody remember Dark? That guy made an awesome Hitman Contracts guide, too bad he disappeared from the forum shortly after that.

2005 forum was the best. Good times. Bring back the picture of the month competition :wink:

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You know what? I will restore the old title for you, and from now on I will PM members before changing the titles of their threads.


I came in here about 2012 and it’s appearance was a combination of 2013 and 2005.

Though I think I had ventured around here before registering a couple of times.

I remember when I visited this forum for the first time and it was 2005 version. Nostalgia…

Thank you, much appreciated :slight_smile:

2005 or 2006 must have been when I started lurking and reading threads. I really liked the portal/home page which had all kinds of info on the games. Classic times.

I made my first post in 2011 after getting fed up of seeing the same melodramatic whinging of a certain member go unchallenged for the umpteenth time. Been addicted since :wink:

Been lurking her since around 2007-09 untill i had enough and choose to join the forum on June 16th 2011, odly enough it was also in June i joined the new forum on 15th instead of 16th. This have become a homepage i visit many times durring my day.

Why would you even do that? (Without asking first)


I actually kinda miss the ridiculous arguments over Absolution. Had a good few laughs from some of the senseless and immature insults. Ah, good times.

The Absolution arguments got so intense that at one point I even got banned for a few weeks. There was so much mudslinging, it was actually kind of depressing given how positive the atmosphere had been for the months leading up to release.

Who remembers Pmodgil? Or Ponchred? Those two caused me hours of frustration with their insane ramblings.


Hey look Look what i found!
Some ringtones by david bateson for Hitmanforum. Some files didn’t work… too bad with the passage of time we loosing those exclusive stuff. :cry: