Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Good evening, 47. It would appear that the Himmapan Hotel is the last place that Jordan Cross wants to spend his birthday. Surrounded by the paid posers that Dexy dragged along with them. Give him an excuse to leave this dreadful place and find somewhere with a half decent chef! Good luck, 47.



Guards! Guards!
Contract ID 2-08-7711148-50

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @Prem_Raj @MrBurn4488 @hitwoman47 @Nakar @SpeedsterRunner217


Here are my runs to your contracts.

Eyes Front!

Guards! Guards!


Here’s my attempt to create a simple speed run contract. Do give it a shot :slight_smile:

Target is in the room next to the piano.

@MRGaming @Nakar @hitwoman47 @CHAOS_AGENT_45

p.s. sorry MrBurn4488 but i can’t tag you


MrBurn said you will find his run on his channel


Not what you but what I wanted.

Also learned one should bump before the poisoning. Still 1st :stuck_out_tongue:


Recreated on PC:

  • @MRGaming’s Eyes Front! (1-10-6357163-02) & Guards! Guards! (1-08-8685993-02).
  • @ILikeGAMESish’s Worst. Birthday. Ever. (1-08-4277044-02).
  • @Prem_Raj’s I See You (1-02-3734290-02).


Ultra Back Luck

The usual suspects have a bad day at the Sapienza pier, slipping and falling into dangerous water. The only complication is the exit, which is the car outside Villa Caruso.

I don’t know if this has already been done, but if it has, I’m sorry. =D

PC ID: 1-03-6781000-62


Two PS4 Contracts. both Doctor disguise and Accident kill restrictions.

  1. Dr. Doctor / ID# 2-10-2616541-30

  2. The Doctor’s Doctor / ID# 2-10-3846177-30


Title: Deep Cover

ID: 2-06-0517232-21

Targets: 2

Location: Marrakesh/A Gilded Cage

Platform: PS4


Weed Killer!
Contract ID 2-10-6716979-50

@Prem_Raj @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @hitwoman47 @Nakar @Opal_Hitman @MrBurn4488


@ILikeGAMESish My run = pure RNG. It all depends on the middle guy on the chair leaving, and the guy at the window coming to investigate.

@Prem_Raj Bullet distractions with Striker PogChamp


That was sick!

20 characters of sickness


first time trying complications so who knows how this contract goes.
ID: 1-08-6403267-46
Contract name: Safety Tip



Extremely great aim man

  • PC Contract: Quick & Quiet
  • ID: 1-02-7435997-61
  • Location: Paris

If someone wants to recreate for Xbox or PS, targets are in the bar. Good luck and have fun :beers::grin:


A sequel to the first Unsafehouse, still in Landslide but this time in the lawyer’s office.

Unsaferhouse - Xbox - 3-04-8036587-83

- Headshots only
- No missed shots


I made two contracts if anyone want to give them a try (both on PSN).

Divine Justice

ID: 2-03-5826175-36
(Thanks to @CHAOS_AGENT_45 who helped me test this contract and suggested some changes)

Show Stopped
(I can’t post more than one image, so this one goes without one)
ID: 2-02-9539562-36
(After I made this contract I searched and saw that one with the same targets was featured in early 2016, but I published it anyway, the kill conditions are different and I believe are more challenging than the “original” contract)


Unsaferhouse re-created for PS4: 2-04-5069838-94


The Gentlemen Of Sapienza
Contract ID 2-04-8129140-50

@Prem_Raj @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @hitwoman47 @Opal_Hitman @Nakar @MrBurn4488