Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)



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Hey all! Got laid off last week and in-between polishing my resume and looking for work I have been drowning my sorrows in contract creation. Hope some of y’all Xbox folks like this pair.


Thanks for playing my contract m8



Awesome :+1:t3: Will play this on stream tomorrow


1st time I’m recording and uploading a vid on my gaming rig. I can’t say I’m 100% pleased with the frame-rate (I’d like it if it were smoother), but it’s good enough. I might try to record other contracts, etc. (ETs). This is one of my own contracts. :roll_eyes:


A very simple contract,Who wants to try?


The Lab Coats (PS4)


All guys are static with the exception of Geraldo Dellucci.


Came across a fun trending Colorado SO/!KO + Accidents Only contract. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Here’s a puzzle-type contract that some might enjoy.

Title: Back-and-Forth
Contract ID: 3-03-4709729-05
Location: Sapienza

Targets: Jingles, bodyguard in church, fisherman nearest speedboat exit, and Bohemian.

And a quick-kill challenge.

Title: Speed Dating
Contract ID: 3-03-2606689-05
Location: Sapienza

Targets: Approach main square from where the delivery van has crashed.


Hello everyone.

This is my best sniper contracts right now. hope you all enjoy.

I think it will be a bit difficult

PC ID: 1-07-7598290-79


I played a contract, one target required a falling object kill, but no shots fired unless they hit an NPC. Anyway, I dragged the body underneath a chandelier, then threw a FE at it. It fell, but didn’t kill the target. Did the FE destroy the chandelier before it could land on the target? Or could that possibly be a bug?


Was away last week and wanted to get these played sooner - hope the work search is going well. @Brian_Cartwright

These aren’t great, but something at least for The Editing Room and Three Piece and a Biscuit.


Hey man! Thanks! The job search goes OK… I guess? I have an interview tomorrow afternoon so wish me luck. Cool to see that both you and @mungadungalis didn’t drop that dude where I did. When I made the contract after I ran to the top of the tower for the fire axe I would use the phone in the window of the lawyer’s office. Brings the guy right up as he paths his down to the bench in the front of the restroom and then axe the dishwasher on the way down. You always finds ways I don’t. I love it. Going to sit down tomorrow and try to create something new for Hokkaido.


Did you get the job?


There are some chandeliers that will not kill an unconscious target.


oooh, okiedokie! X 20


And a toilet too. That’s why I wasted 58mins to drop the moose on the prisoner for SA/SO. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What? You did not alter the trajectory of the toilet midair into the room of the prisoner with the Striker so you dont have to KO him?


No no, I did do that. But the bastard tried to escape so I had to escort him back to his chair where I beat him senseless for his insolence. That’s why I dragged his ass.


Still don’t know! Keep your fingers crossed!