Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


I made another contract today. It’s been a long while since my last one, so it was fun to make. Hope you guys check it out, it’s on PS4. :slight_smile:

Name: The Shady Shimmer
Contract ID: 2-16-4752154-76
Location: Bangkok (Nighttime)


I’ll probably give it a go, I don’t remeber playing any contracts by you in the past and this one looks fun :slight_smile:


1001 Moroccon Nights was mine too. It got featured. :slight_smile:


I remember the name but don’t remember the contract, it was marrakesh at night, right?


It was. Outsidebox made a funny video about it. Still my best contract till date


Here’s one for the Xbox crowd. Hope you like poison dudes. @Ed_ll3 @Euler13 @mungadungalis @The5secondrule


Big fan of the ol’ pokerino.


Why am I reminded of something from the Simpsons? Like, waaaaay back…? :laughing:


Oh that was totally intentional. :slight_smile:


Had fun with these, Euler. Probably should have neatened them up a bit, but I just don’t have the time/patience these days!


Another one of mine:

It’s on Ps4

Name: Three Little Snowdrops


There is a sneaky trick which means that this contract can be done in a ridiculously quick time.

Title: The Last Laugh
Contract ID: 3-03-7388738-05
Location: Sapienza

In case you’re playing on Xbox and are my friend, then I created this exact same contract just before it, but accidentally called it “Wine Snobs”. Of course, we can’t edit them, so please ignore that one; even though the other one is trending at the moment for some strange reason!?


Title: The Vaping Vengeance
Contract ID: 3-10-3043645-61
Location: Hokkaido

I hadn’t yet made a contract designed to be run for super speed. I usually prefer puzzles or goofy conditions. Curious to see if this can be run in under a minute.


Well it can. Spoiler:


Wait outside his appartment, get in while the door is open, lure him back in, KO him, place him next to the overflown sink in the bathroom, use Big One to electorcute him in the puddle.


But his route starts in his room and takes longer than a minute so if you are waiting for him to re-enter than you’re burning quite a bit of time. I’ve gotten it sub 90 seconds by luring him to 47’s room.


throw a napoleon on your balcony and he is visiting you right away.


Don’t think that could get sub 1 with that. Still too much waiting. Maybe toss a breaching charge on the balcony to have him come to 47’s suite, then run to his, open his door with the other bc, lure him in the bathroom with either a peekaboo or bullet distraction, ko, Kill with water and big one.


It’s how I am getting him now and I am at 86 seconds. I wonder how much time could be shaved with @immadummee47’s suggestion.


I dont think his idea works as Dexter wont be lured until he reported the BC. Will try it myself.


You can break a distraction with another distraction. I’m just not sure if you’ll have enough time to reach his room before he gets too close to the door and preventing you to enter without being spotted.