Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


But reporting something overrides everything?


What is he reporting? You’re using the bc as a noise distraction, not a visual distraction.


Oh misunderstood you.


The Vaping Vengeance
recreated for PS4
PS4 ID: 2-10-6253909-94


Thx for the video. :roll_eyes::joy:

What did you do? And do you think sub1 is possible?
I haven’t had a chance to try today.


Tried around, if you force some RNG it is barely possible. I made him walk with a nap on my balcony, blew his appartment open when he was next to his baathroom, hoped he runs into it, KO, Big One, hoped he wont be found, profit.

Maybe the BC idea has more success.


The Vaping Vengeance 0:59 :metal::clown_face:


That was nuts man. I thought if it was going to go below a minute it would have to be in his bathroom, not 47’s. Wow. Just wow.


Sorry for the lack of contracts lately, been busy playing Skyrim.

Got a new one though.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

First Names Only (Paris)
ID 2-02-5110844-08

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Title: The Nipple Nullification
Contract ID: 3-10-7147620-61
Location: Hokkaido

Talked about this silly idea in @mungadungalis’s stream last Friday, creating a series of contracts where the targets have their nipples exposed. I mentioned that the range of ways for killing Smith was limited. He mentioned that I should check out @immadummee47’s videos if I thought that and I became absolutely taken with both his method for moving Smith and his electrocution accidents. Fantastic stuff.

Hope y’all like it.

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It’s been 2 or 3 weeks now, but I had in mind making a contract for Hokkaido, and all the target kill requirements would be electrocutions, and you’d have to have a groundskeeper disguise. The name of the contract would’ve been related to ‘Raiden’ from Mortal Kombat so that way you’d have the cool hat. :laughing: The only thing is that it’d require having ‘The Big One’ to get all or most the kills, and since that’s an unlock that not everyone might have… that discouraged me from making it. :worried:


You should still make it, many people have it and it’s easy to unlock.


Everyone should get The Big One. :rofl:


Title: Jewelry Thieves
Contract ID: 2-10-3451657-69
Location: Hokkaido


Go Gisei No Raiden
Which is probably butchered Japanese for 5 Sacrifice of/for Raiden :laughing:
5 targets, all electrocutions kills.
Complication: No disguise changes
Insta-fails: No non-target kills, and shots must hit NPCs.

Recommended item: The Big One.


72Q N-1 PC:1-10-1301948-93
Good afternoon 47! According to our informant, the Ambrella Corporation delivered on the clinic territory in Hokkaido a dangerous virus code-named “N”. The “contactors” infected with this virus are known to us. They are very dangerous. Don’t get closer to them close, you hold a distance. All have to be destroyed. Use local masking. 47th good luck!

72Q N-2 PC:1-10-2232780-93
Good afternoon 47! “N” a virus is found in the cellar of a morgue, two contactors and one dying infected nearby, all of them are liable to destruction. Smooth out the room fire. Not infected civilians and the staff of clinic shouldn’t suffer. 47th good luck!

72Q N-3 PC:1-10-1413315-93
Good afternoon 47! We found the buyer of “N” of a virus - it is Yuki Yamazaki. It has 7 passports of the citizen of the different countries, is searched the Interpol. It is the organizer of two terrorist attacks in Paris. On е to the bill more than two hundred victims. To take it live and to hand over to the Interpol would be the verdict of not guilty for it. Restore justice! 47th good luck!


WELCOME PC: 1-10-8509379-93
72Q The Nipple Nullification


Here is a contract that you will have fun with. Enjoy!!!:grinning:
This is quite a tough puzzle type contract.

PC ID: 1-06-1131435-79


That’s a pretty cool contract! Hopefully someone could make that on Console. Anyways great job man! Looks like PC players will have a fun time with that!!! :+1: