Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Pffft. X20
I got this.


Rekky incoming.

Season 2 Incoming? For 20 chars


Casino Royale


I don’t know if you had spotted it, but Andy from Outside Xbox played your contract, Vaping Vengeance:


Title: Judging The Judgers
Contract ID: 3-10-4521210-05
Location: Hokkaido


Thanks for the heads-up man!


Hey guys. I was wondering if maybe some of you guys could give me a few recommendations for contracts to play? I’m not interested in racing against the clock. I am looking for contracts that are genuinely hard to complete. I want to play something that has targets that are hard to kill and has lots of limitations. Something that takes time, patience and creativity to figure out. I would appreciate it if you guys know of any of the top of your head.


Mona Lisa (Sapienza)
ID 2-03-7526438-08

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @hulinada25 @rattleshnake


What platform are you playing on?


I’m currently playing on the PC.


Returning to the forum with a new contract. I hope you enjoy.

Dance of Death
Contract ID 2-10-0710633-50


Hey guys i just created a contract in Hokkaido (PS4): “And Poison For All”. You can’t change your starting disguise (Suit)


Shotgun Wedding
Recreated for PS4:
ID: 2-03-2740614-94


I’m really pleased with this one. It took a lot of research to come up with the idea, which is part of the puzzle (if you choose to do the secondary objectives).

Title: The Truman Show
Contract ID: 3-06-3906526-05
Location: Marrakesh

As a benchmark, I can get “platinum” in about 3.30. :wink:


A Shotgun Wedding (4.01)

Thanks for re-making this, @Brian_Cartwright. I hope you enjoy my optimised run. I had fun figuring out the route/method. Great contract! :sunglasses:


Apparently I am just full of them recently. Here’s another one! I think this is the first one I’ve posted from The Source. I still pine for the ability to make contracts in The Author.

Title: If you’ll be my bodyguard…
Contract ID: 3-16-3801987-61
Location: Bangkok


Sake Bomb - Two Runs (1.55 and 1.29)

0:00 Helicopter Exit (1.55)
2:36 Snowmobile Exit - @mungadungalis’s Method (1.29)


I’m remaking this for ps4. Your title suggests speedboat exit only. Correct?


2-02-0806266-26. Speedboat exit only.
2-02-4518271-26. Any exit.


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