Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


haha, yes. But I think it can last 3 days


Yeah the title is the first initial of each target plus the escape method. I chose the speed boat because it requires you to sneak the furthest in your suit and it also requires that you sneak up to the second level and get the keys. I tried to make this contract as painful as possible for the purpose of challenge. Let me know what you think.


I like your thinking, however the most obvious kills for Helmut and the Sheik are right next to the boat/ keys so I don’t feel it really changes anything (except maybe forcing you to kill Helmut last.

I’ve got some cool ideas, I’ll share some video’s with you soon. Do you mind if I ask to see your solution?


I didn’t record a video of it when I did it, didn’t think anyone would ask. The only info I left out in the submission thread is that it took me about 26 minutes to complete. (I walked around most of the time because I like to act pro and don’t care about rushing things.) If you have specific questions I can try to help but it’s pretty self explanatory. I fiber wire all of them in my suit and escape by boat. You do have some wiggle room regarding what order they go in and it may take more or less time based on that but it’s not really important. Just trying to have fun. The only other option I could think of was to escape in the helicopter and I feel the boat is just a little more sneaking and an extra objective to keep track of so that is why I added it.


If you’ll be my bodyguard…
This was a very tricky but enjoyable contract @Brian_Cartwright, thanks. Here’s my attempt, time 5:39. I’m sure it can be done faster :grin:


Guys, any feedback for contracts from my recent stuff to submit for featured? I feel like Vaping Vengeance is an obvious pick but is there a better one?


Me and my friend are both at little over 7 minutes on this contract. This is mainly due to travel time tbh. I’ll edit this post once I upload the strat. :slight_smile:


@the_sextein I got it down to 5.55s so far. This video is 6.01s. If i could have got the sheik in the box then maybe 5.45s was possible. Those guards are not usually delayed by the explosion but I got unlucky.


Took me forever to find the dude in the blue t-shirt… recreated for PS4. 2-06-0003774-95


72Q Revenge of the laboratory assistant – 1-03-3278031-93
Добрый день 47й! Для вас задание от студентов лаборатории. Трое охранников лаборатории не пускают лаборантов на улицу, а там так много красивых девушек, кофе, птички. Лаборанты уже 2 месяца не видели небо. Вам нужно помочь Лаборантам. Удачи 47й!
Good afternoon the 47th! For you a task from students of laboratory. Three security guards of laboratory don’t let laboratory assistants to the street, and there are a lot of beautiful girls, coffee, birdie. Laboratory assistants didn’t see 2 months the sky. You need to help Laboratory assistants. 47th good luck!


72Q Funeral without honors
PC: 1-08-1746799-93


Air Delivery and Packaging Service
ID: 3-03-3991235-61

Hey Xbox fronds! Pumped out a new contract while I was waiting for SummerSlam to start. Hope you dig it. (@Euler13, @Ed_ll3, @mungadungalis, @Amy, @The5secondrule, @GKPunk, @Skaven_in_box)


Please two new contracts

Blow by a lightning!

Lazy the place in a toilet


A Lovely View To Die For
ID: 1-08-9850612-41


Recreated A Lovely View to Die For, PS4 ID 2-08-9062593-23

@SANY-72Q What are the conditions on your Icon contracts?

A Lovely View to Die For 1:22


Title: Cheats Never Prosper
Contract ID: 3-16-6867697-05
Location: Bangkok by Night (The Source)


Recreated for PS4, ID 2-16-2164415-23


This was fun. I had to edit out 3+ mins of waiting because I forgot to pickup the guns left behind. This caused Yuki to report 2 of them to her guards which caused them to call out to other guards far away. So had to wait twice for these guards to come to the suite and pickup the guns before Yuki would drink. And I didn’t feel like doing it all again so I just edited it out.


Cheats Never Prosper 3:17

Wanted to note that @TNGpnchFRTbox is currently #1 on PS4 with 2:58


Thanks for re-creating it, and that was a really great run. Very different to my approach.


Mona Lisa 1:23