Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Garden Knomes (Xbox)
Contract ID: 3-03-7687014-62


What are the complications on The Circumscientist?


No pacifications.

Now there are 20 characters.


The screaming Icon, mostly. :tired_face:


The Church 1:52


If you want to impose a sequence of challenges on yourself, then you might find this interesting… ?

Title: The Chaipatana Convolution
Contract ID: 3-08-9047530-05
Location: Bangkok

The targets are the three security guards found in the hut in the back yard of the hotel.

Each level of this escalation style contract adds an extra level of challenge.
How far can you go? Good hunting, 47.
Level 1: Complete contract with silent assassin rating.
Level 2: Only use your pistol to kill the targets.
Level 3: Suit only.


Hey Euler, this is great. For the Level 3 Suit Only escalation, do you mean “Do not change your starting disguise” or can you change when you escape? Thnx :heart:


It’s meant to be suit from start to end, but I guess you could call a quick change of clothes on the way out level 2.5. :wink:


Start to end it is then :+1:


Сontract - Sheikh’s mistresses
PC: 1-02-6091233-93


Сontract - String sound
PC: 1-03-5607885-93
The 47th! You need to liquidate silently four agents disguised as employees of the mansion! Without weapon, good luck!


Сontract - Freedom to hackers
PC: 1-09-4516399-93
Exempt hackers from a convoy!


I really enjoyed this @Euler13, the community should make more of these. In fact, this would be great for future Hitman’s, perhaps season 3 ??? Two types of contracts, normal Contracts and Escalation Contracts :heart:




awesome run!


This is a repost of one of my earlier contracts.

Venom Vengeance
Contract ID: 1-08-9033675-37

Warning, it’s a Time Waster / Puzzle.

If/once figured out, a standard playthrough might take around 20 minutes, but I’ve had a quicker time than that.

I trimmed out a couple parts where I was waiting. Don’t watch if you plan on playing it and want to figure out how to do this one. Or if you’re a skilled and brave boi - you might be able to do it in any order or go into forbidden areas with impunity. Pardon my… casual approach. :unamused:


I’m not sure if it’s too intimidating or too boring. FWIW, my fastest time was 12:47 (or something like that).


A couple of things for the recent Xbox contracts posted:

@Brian_Cartwright - I really like the look of ‘Boxed Lunch’ – while I appreciate it messes with the title and such, I think there’s a lot more potential for mischief without the corpse in the box restriction. :wink:


(Another) contract of mine. Not the fastest method by any means, but it was my intended ‘method’.


Garden Knomes

0:00 Speedy Gardening (1.19)
2:00 Shabby 47 (2.51)


Guns, Germs, and Steel


Contract IDs
PC: 1-03-3289988-43
PS4: 2-03-7658198-37
Xbox: 3-03-0391100-10