Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Thank’s for playing man, 4 people dead in 15 seconds, bloody impressive!


Hi everyone,
So I made a contract/ run today. The chosen map for this is Hokkaido. I like to think I have left a good deal of room for experimentation and deviation from the intended solution, so please if your on ps4 feel free to have a go and see what you come up with.

Good luck, 47’s

Contract ID: 2-10-4051130-26

Intended solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPeB6pMtEBI


I wanted to try a Suit Only, Accident Only run (though i realised that Poison Kill isn’t really an accident kill). Would have been cooler if i didn’t have to wait for the last target to kill himself.

Weed Killer!


I tried accident kill on him and then I realised he takes far too long, so I did my final solution lol



This was the run for my sniper contract i shared earlier. Personally, i don’t like sniper contracts too because, based on my encounters, it’s tough to get SA. That’s why i created this. Wanted it to be like a mini puzzle to see if people could figure out how to move the target to a secluded area.

Distraction Equals Death


This was my run :slight_smile:

I See You


Will check it out soon as been to busy designing contracts :slight_smile:


One’s a disguise mixer, the other’s the opposite.


Distraction Equals Death SA (Lancer)


Sorry to put it here as didn’t know where to put it. MrBurn4488 is playing all contracts he is tagged with but sadly he can’t post them at the moment.

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This is a tricky puzzle contract.

Title: Falling Standard in Housekeeping
Contract ID: 3-03-2828971-05; 2-03-6815525-94 (Thanks @CHAOS_AGENT_45) ; 1-03-8676593-02 (Thanks @Nakar)
Location: Sapienza

When two lazy, good-for-nothing housekeepers refuse to quit, perhaps they just need a little push.
Good hunting, 47.


Awesome contract, really enjoyed this one.



Contract ID: 1-04-3489042-43


A couple more short but fun contracts I found in trending. If either of you are reading this, I enjoyed playing them

“Criminal Cleansing” - Woopzilla / ID: 1-03-6215621-50

(the best time to have on a pew pew contract)

“The doctor” - zsuga / ID: 1-04-9901683-84

(also RIP @Iffy on this one)


This was a cool contract. Leaderboard score is 2:46 and I think that has to do with my placement of Napoleon when distracting Eulalia. I imagine if you took one of the duckers you may be able to save time by going out the front door with a distraction.


My run for Quick & Quiet


re-created for PS4: 2-03-6815525-94


Not a quick run but i had fun trying to figure out a suit only run.

p.s. I wanted to restart when the girl decided to walk back in instead of going back to her original position, but i was like, screw it i’ll just roll with it. Haha

The Gentlemen Of Sapienza


Found your contract. I like it, it was tricky.

I think i found a bug. You can see it when i kill the third target. When i used the napolean, it did not attract anyone. But after awhile, when the target started moving, he ‘magically’ got attracted to the sound that played earlier. And this happened more than once :smile:

Keep It Dirty!


2 new fairly straightforward and quick contracts.

Sayonara Suckers

Targets are

  • Yuki and dexter
  • One of the guards in yuki’s balcony
  • 2 security guys in the security room (one walks in and out)

(Un) Safehouse

Targets are:

  • Rocco
  • The girl standing below 47 safehouse balcony
  • Rocco sister
  • The dude fishing near the church
  • The gardener that’s in the apartment near the church

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