Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)

  • PC Contract: Sapienza Assault
  • ID: 1-03-5638389-61
  • Location: Sapienza



Falling Standard in Housekeeping SA/SO
I love that laundry shaft kill :smiley:


Well, shit. There’s something else I didn’t know about the game. Brilliant run!


I’ve created a new series titled ARCHANGEL:


For Xbox players, BTW


It’s a game where we just keep discovering new things. It was watching @hitmies47’s superb recent ET run that I discovered that laundry chute trick and it inspired me to make a contract that used it.


It’s weird that with the amount of hours we have put in the game (XB1 tells me I have 43 days played as opposed to your 123 days and @Ed_ll3’s 152 days or @mungadungalis’ 104 days) that there is still so much to be discovered. Not that it’s a bad thing of course. The game that keeps on giving.


From the Trending Tab:


Star Crossed Lovers
Contract ID 2-05-4621300-50

@Prem_Raj @hitwoman47 @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @Nakar @SpeedsterRunner217


A Chip On His Shoulder…
Situs Inversus, Hokkaido
Good evening, 47. Our client is The Curator at the GAMA Hospital. Forced by the Director to receive a neural implant as part of an unauthorised medical trial, his life has turned upside down. Wracked by thoughts of suicide and paranoia, he can no longer distinguish work from leisure. The effects of the chip have been devastating and it’s time to wreak havoc on the Director and the research aide tasked with detailing his every thought. The new doctor is also likely spying on him. Good luck 47.


Tamago Striker

ID: 1-10-1272945-67

Wanted to do another kill but it was too likely to be noticed. I think this is fun too. My time is 1:07min.



Funny story, I made a contract a while back called “Flying Shotgun.” Today I made a sequel because I thought it was a copy of oilswell’s PISSPANTS 13-2, and I wanted to rectify the issue, only for it to turn out that the targets in both are two completely different NPCs.

To repeat: I created a random contract for the purpose of crediting a random guy, but didn’t notice the two different names on the NPCs.

(all contracts are for PS4, BTW)


Contract by @mendietinha


@Urben’s Metal on Metal SA:

About the tricks I used on the run:

-It requires more than one shot to kill Bosco, so, to avoid getting a noticed kill, I first inject him with lethal poison and kill him with the pistol before the poison kills him, allowing for a pistol kill.
-I was able to get Bosco inside the room where I killed him (last fetch) by getting in front of the guard: He was going to send the guard after the coin but the guard was too worried about telling me not to tresspass (his priority) so Bosco himself went for the coin.


I´m starting a contract series in Colorado in Vector Style. These contracts are designed to kill all targets from the water tower. The whole series will be any method, Suit only, No Disguise Change and Exit by boat.
Here is #1: Crash Dummies

The Chaos Vector | #1| Crash Dummies
PS4 ID: 2-09-4383884-94

The Chaos Vector | #2 | Fire Water Burn
PS4 ID: 2-09-0155323-94

Good Hunting 47.

  • PC Contract: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • ID: 1-03-4732160-61
  • Location: Sapienza

This one can be done in many different, creative and fun ways. There is something for everyone here, i hope you will like it guys. Good luck and have fun! :beers:



Niceee run and solution mate!


Recreated for PC:

  • @Spodey’s Unsaferhouse: 1-04-1895712-02
  • @Euler13’s Falling Standard in Housekeeping: 1-03-8676593-02
  • @Prem_Raj’s (Un) Safehouse: 1-03-0908063-02

I also created two contracts because I love trends, puns, and being the cleverest bastard in the room:

Safe Unhouse (Marrakesh): 1-06-7809661-02

TARGET: The officer outside Zaydan’s office, Explosion Accident/Suit.
COMPLICATIONS: Targets Only, No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications
NOTES: A school is not a house, but there is a safe there.

Safe, House (Colorado): 1-09-4354560-02

TARGET: The guy at the Demolition Range who works near the safe, Pistol/Suit.
COMPLICATIONS: Required Exit (Storm Shelter), No Disguise Changes, Headshots Only [Optional], Perfect Shooter [Optional].
NOTES: Colorado has both a safe and a house in it, so let’s visit both.


The Townsfolk Strike Back
Sapienza Evening

The disguises are all easily accessible and near the targets. It seems to me that there are lots of ways to complete this contract. I think it should be fun to route. That area is more of a Swiss Cheese maze than it first appears.


Tidying Up The House
Contract ID 2-03-9930822-50


@Prem_Raj @hitwoman47 @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @SpeedsterRunner217 @Nakar @MrBurn4488