Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


PC Contract - 1-06-0551503-76 - Something Stinks in Here

This is a puzzle contract.

@Urben @Nakar @Fortheseven @fkgfw @mendietinha @sk1y @Pagan


@MrBurn4488 done my run and uploading video now


I love to liveā€¦dangerously. :sunglasses:


But you can lure him to the floor below him and he will pass next to the room where the chefs are and there are 2 cotainers :^)

Edit2: Or you can hide him in his way down inside the locker at the office of the head chef :bear::kissing_heart:


Some contract by @o_O

ID (PC): 1-10-5591158-46


I have made a puzzle contract for you heavy hitters. Would like to see what you do with this.
ID: 1-06-6000674-10

@BernardoOne @Urben @Nakar @Fortheseven @fkgfw @mendietinha @sk1y @Pagan

PS: I love your runs


@Nakar wow, you figured that one out fast.


Haha too busy playing Assassins Creed


recreated on PC

couple of notes:

  • Going to the side of the room before exiting it triggers Silva to come to the balcony sooner. This saves about 6 seconds
    -The purpose of the audio distraction is delaying one of the bar staff dudes which would normally be making his way into the back of the bar otherwise.


Some contract I found in the Trending tab

Shooting High SA (34s)

@Kiniu git gud m8


dang it i had such a neat way of doing this, but completely forgot that the body needed to be hidden. So much for that :stuck_out_tongue:


@MrBurn4488 my solution to your contract


yep. i figured that combining a fall kill with a hidden bodies complication would make it moreā€¦ complicated :slight_smile:

PS: you can probably still use your idea on these, from a while back: Player-Made Escalations


will watch it later :grinning:


Amazing run!


Another Colorado contract!

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
ID: 3-09-4912259-41

This one was fun to make. Solution should be fairly obvious once you start playing, and itā€™s at its best as a sniper contract. A good one for speedrunning imo.


get rekt m8 @GuL @gfw

oh also,credit to @gfw for the guard kill.



What an excellent title!

Who thought of it? :thinking: