Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Sure, crystall ball is just the best looking item in the game so I use it instead of coins :grin:


Title and description above 9000. 10/10.


Good one mate :ok_hand:t3: I had no idea it was re created on Xbox lol.


I tried the striker and it didn’t work for me.
Great job Euler!


It had to be a headshot and I found that location to be the sweet spot.


Three tricky, themed puzzle contracts…

Title: Hidden Accident 1
Contract ID: 3-01-4206488-05
Location: Prologue

Title: Hidden Accident 2
Contract ID: 3-02-8674296-05
Location: Paris
Hidden Accident 2

Title: Hidden Accident 3
Contract ID: 3-03-6394162-05
Location: Sapienza


One of the trending contracts, the additional conditions made it a lot harder than it seemed in the beginning.


Striker At Bay

(I thought this is a gramatically correct pun on keeping someone at distance)
ID: 1-03-4687157-67
Time to beat: 16s
One target on the Sapienza ruins and one at the bay, both pistol kill, any disguise, optional complication: Headshots only
Bonus points when needing one shot only!


Hasta que la muerte nos separe


Very bad aiming as usual but fuck it

“Some crazy nutcase finally pulled off his plans”

It’s like the game knows me


There is no bathroom!

ID (PC): 1-02-7218608-57



Little Café Of Horrors
Contract ID 2-03-0833534-50

There are some complications but I will let you discover what they are :slight_smile:

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Betterer Kappa

Phone Pest SA (31s)



screw the lights m8


First contract I’m posting on HMF since I’ve been here. Actually, this is the only original contract I have created since playing the game (original meaning outside those made for challenge packs). Originally pre-Marrakesh; I took advantage of the ability to create restrictions introduced a while ago. Basically just to force SA/SO. It was ment to be a simple test run on how to make contracts as well as me just trying to figure out the mechanics of the game. It should be simple enough for most of you guys, however it’s not something you can do under a minute.

PS4 ID 2-01-6663059-15

BTW I totally forgot to click on the restriction so that you can’t shoot… but whatever. I guess you can do it if it helps you… wasn’t intended tho. Too late now.



it is not my intend solution,there is no intend solution either.i’m just practising some spanish.


The White X-Mas


new years are not snowy anymore : /