Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


@Pagan @mendietinha Mendy Lover 1:16 No Crystal Ball, No Reky


Tactical Bang


Would appreciate imput if anyone plays it. Took me 8 minutes to do it myself.


The White X-Mas SA (53s)

For the second kill I feed him a duck through the wall, then I drop a BC for him to take away to an isolated spot.


Here’s 2 contracts.

This first one was created by my girlfriend. Haha! She chose the targets and restrictions etc. Still a decent contract though.

Revenge Of The Auction

Exit is the basement.

This one is a second part to a contract i created a long time back.

Axe-terminator 2


All extra conditions are optional.

  • Sud: Sweeping the floor in the basement
  • Hans: Patrolling guard in the basement
  • Salchon: Near the tuk-tuk (NOT the one speaking to the guy trying to fix it)
  • Remaining 2 is in the basement laundry room

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@Urben HITMAN Winter Divers SO/SA (Urben´s Contract) 50sec


These are the type of contracts I like. I’ll try this soon.


Found this one on the trending tab and got the perfect time for it:


The immadummee Challenge Pack (PS4 & XB1)
(Based on Cover-Stealth & Loud Guns)
(XB1 IDs can be found on post 596, recreated by @Ed_ll3)

So I wanted to make a pack (of contracts) that really was something different. Something that ppl have asked for with the new complications recently released, a way to specify silenced and unsilenced guns. So with all these contracts (1 from each main map), it will force you to smuggle Nne Obara’s Machete, but with purpose. And that purpose is to have you go loud and see if you can handle high pressure and high intensity situations.

With that, you must find each loud gun (AR, SMG & Shotgun), if available, on each map OR take them from a target carrying it and use them on targets in Suit Only. So these contracts are designed around a few things:
1-Cover Stealth,
6-Puzzle (to figure out how to move a specific gun or npc)
These were the basis I wanted to create these contracts.

And they all follow the same complications:
1-No Recordings (was to prevent players from leaving without deleting the evidence),
2-No Disguise Changes (Suit Only),
3-Hide All Bodies (with this, it really raises the tension when you shoot your loud gun as you have to race against the clock to not have that body found or you spotted),
4-No Pacifications (This is to prevent you from KOing an npc and taking their gun. The added stealth was to have you find the required loud guns in the map).

I have spent a good few weeks working on creating (and now completing) these to make sure the targets were perfect to capture all of these elements.

I have SA’d each of these contracts.

So without further delay…

Paris - The immadummee Prelude
Contract ID: 2-02-4294798-99

Sapienza - The immadummee Prototype
Contract ID: 2-03-3326794-99

Marrakesh - The immadummee Paradox
Contract ID: 2-06-2134563-99

Bangkok - The immadummee Paralysis
Contract ID: 2-08-8082955-99

Colorado - The immadummee Paradigm
Contract ID: 2-09-7131558-99

Hokkaido - The immadummee Pandemic
Contract ID: 2-10-2884789-99

If you are able to complete any of these and got a video, I’d be more than happy to watch it, no matter how long they are because I know the tension that goes behind them and the patience needed to complete any of these. So, these are not meant to be played with time in mind…just get ‘er done with SA. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 minutes or 1 hr. That’s the objective. Are you capable of getting SA?
(Mind you, some targets are (a bit) easier than others. My favourite contract is my Colorado Paradigm contract.
It was the most tensioned-filled contract I’ve ever made and played because I love cover stealth and I love Colorado because of this)

PS, don’t use the deafening sound glitch. It will just ruin the experience that these contracts are designed behind, especially the tension. But if you need to use it to get SA, well then, I won’t be impressed. I did them all legit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone is free to recreate for other platforms. Targets are shown in collage pics.

Good luck to all agents whom are brave enough to take on these contracts. :sunglasses:


paradigm copyright is belong to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Breaking Up The Band
Contract ID 2-08-2933281-50

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I wish you all a happy New Year! Stay healthy and stealthy!


Gonna try them later, I’m busy with assassin’s creed now huehue


The Killing Moon. Simple contract, the lady has a decent amount of flexibility to her.

PS4 ID 2-07-8480282-23


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KINIU gets rekt on his own Contract, poor guy ;p 1:08




Don’t poke a sleeping giant. :joy:



Edit: or old contract when VM was a server glitch and could be played on other maps.


Bad Boss
Contract ID 2-08-9273026-50

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