Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


These look good, Raj. Remade, and will hopefully get a bit of time to play them later on today (either way, they’re there on XB if anyone else wants to give them a run-out):

Revenge of the Auction - (3-08-1173244-88)

Axe-terminator 2 - (3-08-1173244-88)


Contract name: The Meeting
ID: 1-05-1625161-46



I mean, your contracts are usually pretty bad, but this one truly sucks


this one is meant for you


Gooses In The Hotel

ID : 1-08-0745093-41

i dont think gooses can fly


I see you played my Paris and Sapienza Challenge Pack Contracts. Awesome!! :smiley:

Did you make a video? If not, can you play them again and make a video? I’d like to see at least 1 person complete them as I know not many will attempt them due to the restrictions. Just want to see your approach.

And since you started with them, when will you start with the rest? Did you take a look at all of them??
What did you think of the first 2?


Played this one on stream and the strat was cool so I’ll share it here hueheuheuhe

Exam Contract in Hokkaido SA (1:12)


PC: 1-08-8385386-35
Lovely Day


It’s such a shame contracts aren’t cross-platform. I really want to play them.


It is a shame. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft settle things soon. But you can always recreate. :smile:


I was kind-of-sort-of-hoping they might have already made their way over to our side, but alas, no. :cry:

Probably will recreate them a bit later today, as it’ll be nice to have some more things available to play at some point. I don’t know if it’s a lack of peeps creating/playing on Xbox, or just my search is broken, but the Trending, Most Played, and My Friends search don’t seem to have refreshed for a good while now.

I’ll go through the post properly prior to making, but just to double check it is the same set of four complications stated above for each one?


Yes, all contracts follow the same complications.


A crime most foul, PS4

Type : CF (complete freedom)
Filthy roleplayers might like this one :upside_down_face:

@Prem_Raj @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken @SpeedsterRunner217 @Bending_Cheese67 @MRGaming


i have a new strat for 45sec:sunglasses:


can someone recerate this on xbox
firs guy in jordan’s side
2nd guy around the bar
3rd guy on right side after entering the hotel
woman with ms mookjai


Not sure if you still need it, but:

A crime most foul - 3-08-7225062-88


Hey there, firstly, GREAT job with this concept.

The first 2 were a blast and I’m a huge fan of the strategy required by the use of loud guns / restrictions. I’d highly recommend your series to anyone looking for an adventure.

I’ll definitely share the videos, but I’ll first take a peek at the remaining 4 and hopefully can tackle them as well.

Well done again, m8!


Thanks Ed :grinning:


Totally didn’t choose randomly

ID (PC): 1-10-4199614-57



@immadummee47 @Bending_Cheese67

In the end neither of you played this, did you? Well, can’t say I’m offended. Just disappointed I won’t get any advice on it.