Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Road to The Séance

What if ICA hired by Patient Zero?

Check this out!

ID: 1-08-4975414-41


With the new complications, a new sequel to ULTIMATE ENDURANCE MODE IS FINALLY OUT
PC Contract - Ultimate Endurance Mode II - The Wastening -1-03-5815558-76


the horror of it all! wait, is that a 3 hour time limit? :nauseated_face:


Sounds really fun. Especially having to hide the bodies aswell


@BernardoOne Did it in 6.58 though I found a reliable way to destroy the camera evidence with no gunshots allowed

Camera Avoidance Crash Course

PC 1-08-06585716-76 Created by BernardoOne
Xbox 3-08-5925815-18 (<-- I played this one)


that’s almost the intended solution I had, you can actually do it faster smuggling a Striker it’s just riskier tho but it can be 0:50, nonetheless awesome run m8.



get sub 50, i uninstall(just like @gfw)


Title: Real Eyes

ID: 2-04-3717372-21

Targets: 2

Platform: PS4


Mission technically complete, though you won’t see my score unless I redo it while I’m waiting on the upload. I skipped the half hour of tedious setup and focused on the half hour of tedious success?:

Ultimate Endurance Mode II - The Wastening (Just The Good Part) by @BernardoOne (52:12)

Watch all the way for the twist ending. I ain’t even mad, it’s so beautiful and perfect.

Extraordinary Precision (Bangkok): 1-08-5431010-02

TARGETS: Just one. You’ll know him when you see him. Any/Any.
COMPLICATIONS: Time Limit (3:00), Headshots Only, and the all-important No Bodies Found which I’m sure you’ll really struggle to fulfill. :wink:
THE IDEA: This is both harder and easier than it looks. Just remember you don’t have anywhere near enough time for Looking Into The Distance to trigger, so you’re not getting a clean shot.

Weenies start Security and snipe. Pros start Suit and pistol. Cheaters figure out some way to shoot him from the dock in the first four seconds where he isn’t behind the box without being noticed and reach the exit in under 25 seconds.


@fkgfw uninstall HITMAN, @GuLe sorry, gfw, change name to O_o. byeeeee.



Yuki and two random NPCs. I couldn’t think of a better name lol.


Meant to post this in here last night as well as the other thread:
Hope Springs Eternal

3-10-9500909-88 (no complicado)

And some vids from the last couple of days:







Awesome job on both of them!
Scalpel is actually an older version of one of my contracts (Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind), but it’s pnly one target difference.

Actually, the intended solution was to snipe all but one of the targets, but I didn’t know about that way to get into the front of the barn (and I don’t think it’s possible to be faster than sniping without that entrance). D’oh!


My fastest run was 1:21 with Silverballer, so here comes Striker only (nearly same strat)


I saw Scalpel and OOS on the search, and I went for the prototype. Typical! It did feel like that type of contract; enjoyed it as is as well though tbf.


Remade four of the story missions suit-only with some restrictions, I’m going out soon so I’ll do Colorado and Hokkadio (Yuki-only i guess) later.

Restrictions for all are the same.

The Showstopper v2: 2-02-3769658-23

World of Tomorrow v2: 2-03-3980812-23

A Gilded Cage v2: 2-06-4397141-23

Club 27 v2: 2-08-3261995-23


I used the Gule strat of carrying a crystal ball and never throwing it.


Consulate Angels

There’s a simple trick to it that shouldn’t be hard to figure out.