Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


I’m really really sorry about that, but I got into assassin’s creed origins in monday and totally forgot about it, I’m nearly finishing AC, 1 day max, I’ll play your contract after that :slight_smile:


I did look at it yesterday but didn’t figure how I wanted to finish it. I will be going at it again later tonight.

I’ll let you know.


Gave your contract a PS4 player. He couldn’t get into it sadly because all the complications are quite restricting. :confused:


That’s why I didn’t play it, if someone slaps on 5-6 restrictions I tend to pass. ‘Hide bodies’ is my least favourite one, in most cases it’s more convenient to just leave people where they fell and it’s just a pain in the ass to drag them into a bin for no reason.


The more restrictions, the better for me. I like to be challenged and use my brain to figure it out. The game is already watered down noob easy friendly.

I’d rather be upset that I can’t figure it out, than be able to pass it easily.


Many thanks! However that is exactly the point. In fact, I even forgot to add some more others. May I ask additional information? I mean, was he simply annoyed or he just couldn’t figure it out?

Thank you for your imput. But that which you tend to pass is exactly the point here. Should I wish to keep making contracts and make them less restrictive, you’ll be the first to know. However I do not like contracts like that.

Quite right. Which is why I like that it is made on a map in which you are forced to start with a default loadout, too.


I guess just annoyed. You see many low quality contracts these days with alot of complications. Well thought-out contracts with them simply have no chance along them. Thats why I make contracts with max 2 or 3 of them to make is seem to have an actual reason.

Looking at yours, the camera thing is just useless, as there are no cameras. also the no bodies found is already punished with the SA rating. Not sure what the other complication is tho.


A couple of short Paris contracts I found in Trending


This was a cool challenge. If I had all my gear, I think I’d get through it pretty easily, especially with my boi, Napoleon.

I went through it a few more times tonight. Got SA in about 10 mins but I was more just seeing what I could do with it. I just took my bloody ass time. Trying to put together a smoother run now.

As for the feedback, these are the type of contacts I prefer. So if you make more of these, I’ll surely play them. The only thing, I hope they are not only on this map, it’s just too small for my liking to play it too often. Even if you want to throw in other restrictions like using a specific loadout, I’m all for that too.

If you’re into these types of contracts, then you should try out my Challenge Pack that I have posted just above. All 6 main maps, SO, no KO’s, hide all bodies and forces you to get and use all loud big guns on every map. And there’s some puzzle to it too.

It’s not the complications that are the issue, it’s the restrictions within the disguises. Usually ppl make these contracts and make you change disguises too often or make you run around for no reason almost. But the no KO’s, SO, and hide bodies are a non issue and can be very good if you like to be challenged. I mean, you did the ghost one, so why would these type of complications be any different?


I think it depends on the complications. I love me some no pacification, no disguise change contracts because I really enjoy no ko suit only runs. But most complications are either redundant as basic SA rules, like no recordings or targets only, or they put walls up in front of otherwise good strategies (hide all bodies).


Ya well those you can disregard because you’re still aiming for SA anyways. They are there for he noobs that literally just shoot and run. It lets them know that shooting a non target is not ok. lol.

But sometimes that’s part of the puzzle. Trying to find a bin can be fun. That’s exactly what I did with my Challenge Pack. With hide all bodies, you have to figure out “where do I kill this guy?” or “how do I get this body to that bin without being seen?”.

You should try out my Challenge Pack. I made sure that hiding bodies had a purpose. And that it is about timing and stealth to get those bodies to a bin. So I wouldn’t consider that a wall, but part of the puzzle element.


I definitely will play your challenge pack, I have more free time this weekend than usual.


Fair enough. Edited some stuf to my post btw.


Literally the first person to do my contract had 8 non-target kills and got none of the SA checklists.


No worries @MrBurn4488 - I had a couple of quick goes at it before starting to remake this challenge pack, and it’s a fun contract. Got 1:22 or something, but think the route could get down to about 40-50 seconds with some repeat play and adjustments.

Excuse the delay. @immadummee This took a little longer to get ported over than I’d hoped. Had a few games of FIFA to get through, and a couple of these were way more difficult than they seemed at first glance. :sweat_smile:

Congratulations on this Challenge Pack though, it was really interesting to work on and remake. I’ve not been through and put times up yet, but I did spend a good while on each one while remaking, to savour them and to work out some different paths and hide spots that could work.

The immadummee Challenge Pack (XB1)

1/6 - Paris - The immadummee Prelude
Contract ID: 3-02-4684281-88

2/6 - Sapienza - The immadummee Prototype
Contract ID: 3-03-6900337-88

3/6 - Marrakesh - The immadummee Paradox
Contract ID: 3-06-4303277-88

4/6 - Bangkok - The immadummee Paralysis
Contract ID: 3-08-0890796-88

5/6 - Colorado - The immadummee Paradigm
Contract ID: 3-09-3595004-88

6/6 - Hokkaido - The immadummee Pandemic
Contract ID: 3-10-9981903-88

Also, this is the most time I’ve spent on the game in the last few weeks - has it got more buggy or am I just not remembering how bad it was previously?

I had guards on most of the maps lock up at various points, like this for example…

as well as quite a few visual glitches too while playing through these.



First, no worries. But HUGE PROPS to you for spending the time to actually doing it. Thanks!!!

Thanks, again. Next challenge pack is coming soon. Another good idea I had. And I hope you enjoy playing them. But Now @mungadungalis can stream some of these. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool. Although it isn’t totally open to do what one might want, there is some leniency to take a somewhat different path than I intended as specific guns laying around are in multiple spots so that should open up a different route.

So again, thanks for recreating.

If anyone wants to play these either for PS4 or xb1 now, remember, I designed these to be played with taking your time as more of a cover-stealth style than worrying about time. I went from 25 mins on Colorado to 15min all while taking my time. Marrakesh took me 30mins.
But I loved ever second of it. :joy:
The objective is just to get SA.

New challenge pack coming soon. I got an idea. :grin:


hard contract but with good flow i think.
Contract name: Accidental Shift
ID: 1-09-8289996-46


Yeah, I really liked that about them. Certain kills are kind of set in stone or at least ‘easier’/more obvious in relation to weapon locations; then the fun part is piecing the rest together to fit along with the best start and smuggle point. To echo what you said previously, having dug into them a bit in the remake, I’ll be interested to see what people come up with to secure SA(s). :slight_smile:


1st post here in the forum. I hope I’m doing this right… I made a contract based on the ‘For My Next Trick!’ (Fire, Accident) challenge that was made by… well, MrFreeze2244 (from YouTube), except this adds additional targets and methods along the route you take to get almost all of the Vampire Magician challenges. It’s for PC…


I did look for contracts related to this, but the ones I looked at seemed to have 1 target, or multiple targets and no specifics as to what to do to said targets (which just didn’t inspire me to try 'em). One of them I tried, by the time I got the disguise, the target just kept standing in one spot for a very long time, and that made me think the contract was some kind of troll, lol. So, that’s why I made this.