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@immadummee47: I like the concept, but the problem with such a long contract is that we are at the mercy of broken mechanics, and the longer the contract lasts the greater the chance you’ll encounter a run-breaking glitch. I had a strategy I was happy with, but due to random nonsense it took too many attempts to get it right. Even with my final version, I wasted one and a half minutes - and three repeated attempts - trying to get one of the guards to see and pick-up a weapon. I left it in the video because after all that time I wasn’t going to re-do the run again only to have another part ruin a perfectly well-planned run.

Personally I am not a fan of “go loud” contracts - I really like the idea of being a ghost and will always go for stealth kills, even over FE/explosion accidents - but once in a while it’s a great challenge. However, given the high probability that something will go wrong, I’m not likely to play such a long contract again. Mini-contracts with one or two of these superbly chosen targets would be great though. It was fun trying to figure out how to get them.

Paris - The Immadummee Prelude (15:12? minus over one minute for stupid broken mechanics)

@Ed_ll3: Well done, re-creating these. You must have some incredible patience! :clap:


This is why you’re playing the contract wrong. I didn’t design these for time, as I stated. Just get SA. Sure there’s bugs and glitches, but you’re focused too much on the time and not on the actual objective, get out with SA. My marrakesh map took me 30 mins, because I waited for my right time to do every little bit. Made sure everything was perfect. I designed these around patience and tension mostly. They were designed more for the experience when those loud guns go off and the cover stealth to move with large guns on your back than to try to get a fast time. I wanted these to not be like the typical hitman contract. I wanted it to feel like a metal gear mission. To be a bit more immersive than just a “video game”.

I like a good mix of everything. I don’t like to restrict myself from any playstyle and I like to challenge myself in every way. It’s just that many ppl didn’t like that we didn’t get a complication to specify using a loud gun or silent ones so this gave me the idea to make this pack, except I wanted to force the player to not smuggle his own silent one in and go find them on the map without subduing anyone and taking their gun, which also adds to the puzzle side of the contracts.

But to each his own. There’s no obligation to play them if it’s not for you. But I’ll tell you, they start to get really tough after Sapienza. Paris and Sapienza are quite easy, honestly. Marrakesh is a mix of easy and some hard. Bangkok gets tricky. Colorado is full of tension (my favourite of the pack) but then Hokkaido is somewhat of a cool down to end the pack. So if you don’t want to play them anymore, due to whatever reason, no worries.

I just wanted to make a pack that really pushed the player to their limit but in a realistic manner. Nothing TOO over the top. Well, maybe a few specific targets. lol.
Try the marrakesh map and take the school guard out. That was fun. Once the gun goes off, all hell breaks loose. :joy::joy::joy:

I’ll watch you run now.



Cut down about 2 1/2 mins from my original run and came up with this. But ya, really liked this type of contract. I love trying to figure out complicated contracts. If you make more like these on other maps with suit only, I’ll more than be happy to play them.


@Euler13, just saw the run. Ya, I’ve been going through that with the Bangkok map with a civilian. She wouldn’t ever see the gun. And sometimes she would even see the gun but just stand there frozen.

But where you lost time on the 4th target, yiu saves time on the 3rd Target. You benefited on a bug when the waiter called the guard over all the way from the basement. So can yo thank IOI for helping you out there? :joy:

Anyways, we both had totally different approaches and I really enjoyed your vid. Thanks. Here’s what I did if you want to watch it. Oh and I did have issues with the last target too. I couldn’t remember what I did when I created it so I wasted time too. Haha.


Here is my run+contract with all Vampire Magician challenges


@Euler13 – Nice one giving Paris a go. Just in, so I’ll give it a watch later this evening.

Can see why they might be an acquired taste; once onto remaking the second and third though I’d got into a groove with the style they encourage you to adopt (where you have to put time and to a certain extent precision aside, and react more to some of the random chaos which may occur). If you did want to try others – Hokkaido and Sapienza are straightforward. I think you might like Marrakesh: there’s quite a lot to do, but the sections of the map where the kills occur make it enjoyable. Colorado is brutal: worth a quick look just for a truly uncompromising Colorado experience (honestly, I love difficult Colorado tasks but they’re on you so fast here it’s ridiculous :joy:). And Bangkok too, even if not fully played, has some merits to make it worth exploring (for example, infiltrating the CCTV room legit is a good challenge).

Agreed on the ‘buggy-ness’. As with the examples in the previous post, while I really enjoyed spending extended time on each of the maps again, the longer I stayed in one the more things seemed to break or inconsistencies become amplified and more frequent (in terms of NPC behaviour, their response to items, ignoring illegal items, etc.).


You don’t have to shoot at all to kill the cop, you just have to take advantage of random headturning to make him follow you. That is a restriction I completelly forgot to add because I thought it would be intrascendential.

Nonetheless, great job mate! You cut a lot of seconds to my own run. Your route was different than mine tho. I have never uploaded a video to YouTube but I might as well learn how to do it to show you the route I intended when I made it.


That’s what I was doing initially, but sometimes I’d get him and sometimes not. So I went with the consistent strat of moving him with the bullets. If you had put the no shooting complication in, then I would have used the peekaboo trick from the start.

It’s super easy. Since the PS4 auto records, all you need to do is save when the run is done, do a quick edit with the PS4 editor then upload to your youtube account and then share here. It’s the main reason why I chose PS4 over xb1. I always wanted to make videos since last gen but never liked the process with how it is with a elegato or something.

Anyways, thanks. Hopefully I’ll see more from you soon.


Is it really so much more annoying/work on xbox? Serious question


It really is. Not sure if they changed it now on the older Xbox 1 but the ui on PS4 is far more efficient for this process. plus you only got 5 mins of recording time while PS4 started with 15 mins then patched to do up to 60 mins. Another issue I didn’t like. But the new xbox x fixed this. Not sure if it fixed the process though.

But maybe an Xbox player can chime in and state how the recording/editing/uploading/sharing process is on an original or slim Xbox 1. Maybe they got updated with it. I was talking when they both released in 2013.


I haven’t used the XB to record for 18 months+. It used to be really fiddly though.

Recording the footage was fine (albeit a 5 minute limit), but once you have that footage saved the edit/uploads went through Upload Studio. They may well have improved it since then, however US used to crash a lot, load slowly, and generally make the whole process laborious. It was like this on the original and S, not sure if the new console has improved on it.


Welcome to the forum Tetrafish :slight_smile:


I’m gonna try some of these out today!


The new UI allows much longer pre-set record times as well as longer “record the awesome thing I just did” times. Haven’t tried editing wit the new UI tho.
That used to be a nightmare.


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it’s clearly lancer contract, #openyoureyeselpogochampo


Hi community,

Been playing HITMAN for almost 1.5 years but never created a contract before. Decided to give it a go, hope you’ll enjoy.

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I dunno why, but lately I just haven’t really felt up to any contracts that I’ve seen posted. Sorry about that. I think it’s too many disguise/kill restrictions. Here’s two from the Trending tab by HMFers though, that I was able to come up with some kind of interesting restriction run for.

Totally didn’t choose randomly by @GuLe (SO/FW/DE/ABH/!KO)

No KOs, no bloody or messy kills (all Fiber Wire as it happens but it could’ve been some drownings too), bodies hidden, all that good stuff. Was fun to work around the poor guy in the bathroom that I usually just knock out. Turns out he doesn’t get in the way as much as you’d think.

When in Paris by @JDMHatch_G (SO/FW/!KO & 1:49)

That Fiber Wire spot for the bodyguard though. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I also made an easy contract, the challenge is more frontloaded than anything:

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