Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed this one, I like it too. One of my best contracts I think.


-Stylist in the basement that nobody will ever find,
-tech guy in the basement that nobody will ever find after you ko the security guard,
-camera interview woman who nobody will ever find,
-security guard outside that nobody will ever find, and
-guard that posts at the pavilion door (which is actually a great target because he can be found in many ways you kill him and especially when you are trespassing in suit).

Now I finally understand why you said my contract is tedious. :joy:




It’s not each individual target that makes his contract fun, but combining all 5 together as fast as possible


Ya totally. For a speed-type run, sure. But a player like myself, I do base a contract on each individual target and the challenge it brings to kill that target, so that’s why I don’t mind contracts with lots of restrictions.

But again, it can also be the same targets but killed with something like a loud shotgun that you have to get off the map instead of smuggling in a suppressed one.

So for example, I can find the same target as either good or bad but that’s based off of the kill weapon.

Do me a favour next time you play. Make a quick video. That very first target, the stylist in the basement, you kill him with the loud shotgun that you smuggle in, SO, no ko. Hide him if you like, your option, BUT, you must exit the back door behind the security room WITH shotgun in your possession cuz you have to kill the tech guy up the pipe that sits down by the front stairs by the window you enter from off the pipe you climb up. And then kill the stylist again with a combat knife and exiting the same way.

Now you’ll see the difference in what makes a good target or not for me and why I like restrictions.


I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire


Ya, I know. It’s too tedious for you. :rofl:


Why would i want to do that? Not how i would approach it in the slightest.

And i know the difference, open freeform contracts with lots of different angles and starting locations are just much more fun to me, because i like routing. And not tedious waiting for the right moment to strike.

I would rate the contract of Hatch much higher than any of yours in your latest serie, but to each their own



Of course, cuz you like easy targets. I don’t. There’s a difference.



No because i like routing, and not tedious stuff.



So yo can’t route with a loud shotgun? :flushed:



just because it’s Any/Any doesn’t mean it’s an easy target, rather an open target to try stuff with, if you put the same NPC but with just an obsurd restriction such as Battle axe in-front the crowd (for example), that doesn’t mean the target is hard either, it’s the complication rather than the target being easy.


Surely you can see the difference in between a contract where you have to route to get a nice flow, and overcoming an artifical challenge with a loud shotgun right? The former is routing, the latter is more aimed towards specific puzzle solving.



Never said that. But when a target is by themselves with nobody ever coming there (eg, stylist in the basement), are that’s not an easy target? The kill condition and complication are what determines a simple or challenging target. Not the actual npc. That’s why I like complications and restrictions and whatnot. The more the merrier for me. Some say tedious, while I say fun.

Yes and no. If you’re in public, no. If you’re trespassing, yes.

Right, and I prefer the latter. But you can’t route to get a nice flow with a loud shotgun? :flushed:



And i prefer the former. And if you’re serious with that question i doubt you truly understand what i meant



What, you stopped playing the game?




Nevermind. You missed the boat. :crazy_face:


I try a middle way by now of your two ideas. Few targets with extra conditions but possible to speedrun because the ideal situation exists at the beginning of the mission. The hard part for me is that I try to make it open, to give more ways to do my contracts.

Sadly I hardly am able to come up with something these days, I hope we get the P0 maps for contracts soon.