Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


A Cop’s Suit (PS4)

Puzzler contract. @immadummee47 try it :wink:


Will do tomorrow. Looks very interesting.


Thanks for playing, and wow, what an impressive optimisation.

Will try to create some more contracts when I have time.



Here’s my run too, enjoyed this one

I like the way the guard moves to investigate the panic


Landslide contract, Guilty Conscience

ID 2-04-5553549-23


The Jungle Book


Accidental Shift (PS4) by @o_O


thanks for recreating it buddy.


I firstly want to say once again what a thrill it was to work my way through these intense and challenging contracts. I’m still trying to get around to testing out the others, but in the meantime, here are my runs of PARIS and SAPIENZA.



Saw this on facey’s stream:


Those were executed perfectly. Nicely done. And I’m glad you enjoyed the first two and can’t wait to see what you come up with for the others. :+1::+1:




Actually I missed something. Thought it was a suit only contract. So gonna have to pass on this. I’m not really into changing disguises. Sorry bud.


The whole puzzle in that contract is the change of disguises though. The contract would actually be alot easier/faster if it was suit only


Upside Down




No prob, try 47s it’s 2 targets, any disguise. You’re supposed to play it in the suit tho. Give that one a shot :wink:


That was a great contract, put it in the featured contract submission thread, NOW !!


I don’t think Suit would be easier based on target placement.

What I would do is:

-start consulate basement,
-kill first target,
-take clothes which loses enforcer status from suit,
-run upstairs (back outside) past guards easily (can’t remember if there’s enforcer at this point but I don’t think so (correct me if I’m wrong)
-run inside consulate and grab car key
-run back outside and kill third guy (if he’s far away from where the pic is taken, use fetch trick which makes Contract easier because in suit, wouldn’t be able to use fetch trick in suit. If third guy is already in the room there like the pic, then killing him there in either suit or military disguise is easy. But military disguise would be faster as you can enter/exit through the front door when you grab the key).
-take his disguise when you kill him
-run past any enforcers back to consulate underground
-kill second target with required disguise.
-exit car

How is that not easier than Suit? Less enforcers and actually makes the contract faster with disguise changes.
What am I missing that’s puzzle about it? I haven’t seen your video just in case I change my mind and try it.