Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


… suit only in that contract would be much much faster and easier than the disguise restrictions the contract had.

If it was just suit only you grab key, kill thrown weapon guy and finish with double propane kill


I just have missed this but Colorado is my favorite of the pack and Bangkok is my second. Colorado took me about 15 mins and yes, they are on you like white on rice. It was the first Contract before I even considered making this pack. When I finally completed it, I had so much fun and felt so much satisfaction actually doing it, I wanted to do the other maps too.

Bangkok took me 12 mins. Also was super fun to get done. I loved the stealth needed to get both shotgun and AR.

I hope someone is able to complete all the maps.


Death by Moonlight

2nd contract I’ve made. I had changed the conditions (one kill was any method, and use any suit/disguise for all 5 targets), but it disconnected and reset those to how I did them when making it. I didn’t realize it did this until after I published and tested it. >:-/

For PC.


So why can’t you use double propane in the required disguises as well? You still have faster/easier access to move around in the military disguise after killing the first target and getting the key, no? Using PT would cause chaos for suit.

Can you make the contract again Suit Only? You’ve made intrigued to see this faster in suit.


Put this in Featured accidentally. Reposting here.
Contract name: Kill The Cameras
ID: 2-02-2953667-99
Platform: PS4
Location: Paris


Because the 2 targets in the garage stand right next to each other, but 1 is suit and other = security. So no, you cant double PT them.

I already told you its faster and easier suit only, maybe just accept that i kinda know what im talking about?


I accept. Not because you know what you’re talking about, but because I want to know why so I use my magic to have you spill the beans. If you learn to elaborate and not give 3 word answers, things could go much more smoothly. :kissing_heart:


The Soders Affair
ID 2-10-9300546-23
Par time 1:46

My run


I just watched your video. Even though I believe you, can you do a suit only run faster than this run? I just want to see how you would do it. Consulate can be a headache sometimes getting in and out the front door especially with that 1 cop that stands there and that one woman who can see you trespass who smokes there. Also there’s another woman who takes photos with her phone who can catch you trespassing too.

Edit: also I remember there’s the cop that frisks you on the stairs that has a good view of that door where you enter to get the key. A headache to avoid to not have him get a ? over his head then come down to investigate.

So in conclusion, although the basement guys are easy to kill with the pt, I don’t think you can do it faster Suit Only than what you did based on the consulate key retrieval. I think you’re just saying that cuz you can’t do it faster. (Hopefully this reverse psychology works on him but I’m not sure. He’s only one half of the word psychology) :smiley::joy:


Why don’t you come on over Valerie?

ID: 1-02-8258406-41


Can you show me? :stuck_out_tongue:


When @Fortheseven fails at doing it faster Suit Only, I’ll show you. :crazy_face:


Title: Don’t look up
PS4 ID: 2-02-7819293-99





Tag @o_O :slight_smile:


My run of Don’t Look Up, got a time of 1:42


I know this isn’t hugely relevant to this thread but will we get featured contracts this month or is there no January content schedule? @Travis_IOI


Aye, I was giving Euler a few of my highlights from remaking, just in case he wanted to try some of the others out.

Tbh I’ve had less motivation to play in recent weeks (with other games, the holidays, lacking the patience at times, and other factors). Looks like Ha-do is doing a good job on them so far, but if I get the chance to put some time in this week I’ll try and get at least a couple done SA.

  • PC Contract: Don’t Leave Me Alone
  • ID: 1-03-8491307-61
  • Location: Sapienza

No restrictions, any, any.