Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


No worries. If you’re not into playing, what can I say? But at least you took the time to remake them. Much appreciation, again.

But I am anxious to see what someone could do with Bangkok and/or Colorado.


First time I’m posting one of my contracts on the forums. Looking for pointers on what it takes to make a good contract. Feedback is appreciated. I personally feel like this contract strikes a balance between an easy target and a difficult target that requires some thinking. The contract is completely freeform so let your imagination run wild. The theme of the contract is people around Sapienza who are trying to seduce women, some fail and some are successful at it.

PS4 and Xbox One Contract: Death of Romance

PS4 ID: 2-03-4736122-82
Xbox One ID: 3-03-6257032-88 (credit goes to Ed_ll3 for getting the contract on Xbox One)

Location: World of Tomorrow, Sapienza


Remade Death of Romance for Xbox, if anyone our side wants to play it/give feedback (3-03-6257032-88).


Did a run for Death of Romance. The game is being buggy and not registering this as SA, but it absolutely should be so I’m posting it anyway.


PS4 ID 2-03-4170278-23


Nice run! I think the reason why you had a noticed kill is because the guy on the pier got blasted forward and his friend next to him saw his body go flying.


It shouldn’t matter, he died from an accident. And bodies found is still intact.


Everyone loves Final Test contracts featuring loud guns and a little bit of RNG. :slight_smile:


Distribution Of Goods

ID: 1-01-9754795-67

Targets: The two at the entry point and the soldier is guarding the stairs near Ritter’s room.

EDIT: Oh boy it has a way easier solution than I hoped there is… Might make a second version of it lol

New version, of course feel free to play the version you want. This one is even more linear hue.

Distribution Of Goods

ID: 1-01-8455272-67


He died from a fake accident. Happens all the time when trying to knock people into the ocean in Sapienza. If it isn’t a clean Fall Accident into the water killplane it’s the game killing the NPC due to lacking a proper animation for them to stand back up after being knocked down. The game lists this as an “accident kill” but it doesn’t actually satisfy the Accident or Fall Accident parameters and can be noticed.

I’m 100% serious, there is such a thing as a fake accident kill and I’m pretty sure it’s related to the game considering an NPC to be stuck.


I think that woman on the pier saw the shot. Even though it was an accident, the accident doesn’t occur until after he falls in the water and I think hats what has happened because you got ‘Guards alerted’. Have you tried waiting a few extra seconds for her to pass then shoot the guy? Because she was basically looking at the guy when the shot came. That’s my only guess. I’ve never seen guards alerted when a crime notice occurs if they haven’t seen you do the crime.


I just tested this out a few times, can’t be that kill. Here’s a video of me doing the exact same kill, I wait for her to see the crime and it’s SA.


The difference I see is when it registers for the accident. The first one takes about 2-3 seconds after the shot for it to appear on the top right corner as accident but this one was right away. Could be then what nakar said because it’s some sort of delay that’s causing the issue maybe. I guess it could be a bug but that’s not really hard evidence that it is. Might be something else that’s being overlooked especially since the shot comes from so far away. Can’t really see what’s happening at the scene.


All I know is that I can pull off that exact kill, at different times, over and over and keep SA. I do the same in Death of Romance and it never works. Should be noted that on runs of DoR where I wait for all text to clear at the end, it never says unnoticed kill for the poison kill. Is that normal?


Ah maybe that’s it. It should say unnoticed Kill after a poison kill. There could be the bug.


Oh and here’s my Dont look up run. I see @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken did it sub1. :+1:


I’m testing now, if Roberto’s water bottle was bugged people would have found out about this forever ago. Still, it’s all I can think of. I’ll try doing it with the explosion accident kill as well to see comparisons, maybe something about them happening close together messes something up? I don’t know.


Another speedrun 1 Target contract I made last night. Read the briefing. It’s very important. :sweat_smile:
Target, push, no ko, Suit Only, truck exit.

can’t help FALLing in love
ID: 2-06-3811556-99


Thank you for recreating it mate, most appreciate!


I’ve noticed before in other contracts that while guards are alerted, lethal injections sometimes result in a noticed kill, even if no one else is in the vicinity.


I really suspect it is because of the bodyshot with the Striker. I know from the past that legshots can render all next kills noticed if they are not all accidents. Try to kill the pier guy in another way and I am sure it will be SA.