Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


I tested it on another contract posted above, and the body shot was fine.


But it was only him as a target there, no? My point is that all following kills are affected.


Oh yeah sorry I didn’t read fully. It might be the case, the problem is that the poison kill isn’t triggering unnoticed kill so that could be why. so did another test with just the other two targets, and the strategy worked fine without the other guy. So they work together separately, just they can’t all work together. Really weird.


I encountered this bug on my run of the featured contract “Les Impardonnables”. I bodyshot the first target, and all other kills then had to be true accidents or I had a noticed kill. Here is the run, but it doesn’t help much as you dont see the bug, just the fix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLwppP8FkVY


I’m testing this contract now and it seems that this is occurring with Vargas.

Run 1: when Vargas gets killed by the poison, “bodies found” doesn’t show on the screen. So this allows the “unnoticed kill” to show.

Run 2: Vargas gets killed but instantly says “bodies found” thus NOT showing “unnoticed kill”.

EDIT: scrap that. Did a very slow run. Poisoned Vargas, waited there to see what happened. Drinks, dies and bodies found pops up BUT unnoticed kill ALSO shows. Then I FE the guy with the girl and then kicked the guy at the pier. Got SA.

But I’m sure it has something to do with Vargas because you did not see unnoticed kill for him, just like I didn’t on run 2.

Edit 2: and with an 8 min run, I beat your sub 2 min run in pts. lol. Feels good to be first place. :joy::joy::joy:





That noticed kill is poison kill cuz that target on the pier fell to the ground before dying. If you shoot NPCs and they fall to the ground then every kill after that (except accidents) will result in a noticed kill.



That’s some amazing wizardry luring you did with Hailey and the guard. Top notch.

And awesome work with the Zaydan fall. :+1::+1:


Nope, it’s Vargas. Both runs I waited there and watched him die, both with different results.


No it’s not him. It’s the guy on the pier falling to ground resulting in roberto’s noticed kill. If you want to test if it’s Roberto then test it in a contract in which only he’s the target.

edit: and body found doesn’t have anything to do with this.


^^^ This

@Ed_ll3 might post it here at some point, but I watched his typically amazing run last night and, although his method was different, he killed lover boy with a lethal syringe BEFORE doing a long distance striker shot, then killed the third target in an accident and got SA.


What im doing is

start as gardener,
run to the glass where he drinks,
poisons it,
WAITS there until he drinks and dies.

Run 1 says unnoticed kill after poison kill,
run 2 doesn’t say unnoticed kill.
Sup wit dat?


Are you completing the contract to see whether you got a noticed kill? cuz sometimes it won’t say unnoticed kill in the top right corner but the kill will be unnoticed.


I actually didn’t complete it. Wanted to see what happens with Vargas there and then. I’ve never seen it not say unnoticed kill for anything and still get SA unless you leave in the 2.5 seconds after the kill. But waiting there as a first kill should yield you that unnoticed kill notification.

I’ll try and complete it in different ways. You may be right then if I still get SA.


If you legshot/bodyshot and then kill someone, the next kill will never show up as unnoticed in the top right corner. It would only show up if you get a true accident kill afterwards. But it showing up is not needed for SA, as long as you get a true unnoticed kill afterwards

Notice how after the first kill i legshot ko the guard outside. The very next kill is a thrown weapon kill, and it does not show up in the top right corner. Since i finish it off with a true unnoticed kill afterwards however, it’s still SA


Yup, you’re right. I tried two ways. I looked very closely after the shot.

Run 1: with striker shot making him touch the ground then into the water for an accident kill (took a very tight angle to force that)

Run 2: a more direct behind shot and had him fall directly in the water.

Both times Vargas died after the striker kill.
Both times poison kill didn’t say unnoticed kill.

Run 1 was not SA
Run 2: was SA.

Case closed. Now let’s discuss. Should this be fixed or keep as is?


This is different from what is being discussed here m8. This logic of having “last clean kill erasing the previous noticed kills” won’t work here cuz we’re shooting NPCs far away and they’re falling to the ground.


There is more nuance to the whole noticed kill phenomenon than that