Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Right, just woke up. Situation here is the same as the Hokkaido springs where you can legshot people and they drown. It can work for SA, but it needs to be the very last kill. Same with that sapienza contract. If he had done the other two kills first, then it does not matter if that npc hits the floor before falling in the water, it’s still SA


I’ve already said that many times that “noticed kill” is redundant when “body found” and “spotted” is there.


Yes and that’s why he said anything AFTER.

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Got it :+1:


Left this uploading last night:

Haven’t read all the posts about it fully yet, but I had some issues with The Congressman with two lethal injection poisonings causing a penalty (while guards were in an alert state, even though neither were seen).

Also had issues with the same contract Urben mentioned iirc.

Another interesting thing about this contract, was that it seems the Roberto legshot down the cliff kill from the attic results in a penalty now. Tried it multiple times, and each time he would die and no notifications at all would pop in the top right corner of the screen.

Also, RIP attic roof glitch. :cry:


made a video regarding this

1st example - guard fell to the ground. result - noticed kill
2nd example - I even shot the guard twice but he didn’t fell to the ground. result - no noticed kill
3rd example - shot the guard after the kill. result - no noticed kill (btw you don’t have to wait for the unnoticed kill notification. Just shoot the guard as soon as target dies)


shoot the guard fell to the ground,but wait untill he stop searching,it’s unnoticed kill.


but you’ve to wait for 2-3 min until they cool down before killing someone. Don’t see much use of this in speedruns.


Roleplay master playstyle. :sunglasses:


Roleplayers don’t shoot non targets :smile:


Guess again. Terminator roleplay. :joy:


@MRGaming’s Tidying up the House

Made a couple of Sapienza contracts around the church while I was in town too. Dumb fun, so feel free to ignore if not your cup of char.

The Devil’s Son (3-03-2365255-88)

From the Palace to the Church (3-03-4665093-88)




Himmapan Dream
For PC. Click on the Description to read the whole poem. The poem reads like a walkthrough for this contract. But I haven’t been able to get a certain 2 kills in 1…Yet.

Again, stupid disconnect reset the requirements. I would’ve rather it’ve been all kills with any disguise. But, w/e.


Xbox one recording and editing has always been lackluster in my opinion. For someone who only has Xbox game DVR and UPLOAD (editing software) as resources to produce videos recorded on my Xbox, it is kinda inefficient. Also UPLOAD has very few basic and themed transitions that aren’t useful. Only thing you can do is trim clips, there is no options to insert texts, fast-forward, etc. PIP is terrible and like you mentioned 5 min max with 720p 30fps recording time. You can preset what amount you want to shadow play, but its capped to 5 mins 720p, and if you want 1080 you can only get 2 mins max.

Recently they added ability to record as you’re playing, still no commentary though, only gameplay. 10 mins if you’re recording on your console and up to an hour if you have an external USB.


Server refreshed and erased my briefing just as I was about to push publish. Caught it just in time, but had to rewrite :persevere:.

Haven’t made a contract in a while, kind of out of touch.

PS4 – 2-04-4242102-01
PC – 1-04-3520968-02 (courtesy of @Nakar)
Air Force Gun


Recreated for PC:

  • The Devil’s Son by @Ed_ll3: 1-03-4680646-02
  • From the Palace to the Church by @Ed_ll3: 1-03-4404795-02
  • Air Force Gun by @TheChicken: 1-04-3520968-02



I don’t know whats going on here but you can spawn at harbor, 180, kick him off, get compromised and still get SA. (Skipping CS) Don’t know if this helps any. I made the same contract a while back and the fastest SA run I could get at the time was 13s.


Gazing Out

ID: 1-02-0444830-41

BOI! @mendietinha