Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Addicted Fiends


Mile High Club
ID 2-04-8048064-23

Jessica Gaskell seems unassuming, but lately she has made a living as a blackmailer. Ruthless, she has not been afraid to topple powerful figures who will not bend to her demands.
The target will be appearing publicly during the Abbiati festival, as part of her day job. Keep your distance, and be silent.

My slow SA score


As you can see this was my first attempt at this (see the School Alley challenge popping up at 0:10), so I am pretty happy with setting a good time on my first attempt and doing it blind as well.


Don’t Leave Me Alone by @Don_Coa, “Clean” Run

No blood, no corpses, no property damage, no forced entry, no theft (I return the one object I use right where I found it), no unnecessary distraction.



The Rieper Request

5 Target/Any Method/Suit Only

_After arriving at the Himmapan, retrieving your keycard and being escorted to your room, you find that the mini-bar, toilet and bed are not as they should be.

Take out your frustrations on those responsible for your horrible exeperience and the poor standards at the Himmapan_

Happy hunting guys :slight_smile:


Easy? Hard? Stupid? Funny? Who cares. A contract is a contract. :smiley:

Exit is helicopter.



Fun contract. Really liked it. Probably not the best time ever, but with the route I took I could only save maybe 15 seconds. Real runners will probably find a much much faster route and method.


Thank you :slight_smile: I tried to make something for everyone! Roleplayers would enjoy killing the targets in order, whereas Speedrunners would look for a faster alternative considering the amount of vairiables at play :slight_smile:



Musical Chords
Type : Roleplay (and speedrunning) Friendly
Time expectations = About 2 minutes

Sorry boys, no screenshot today
@Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken @MRGaming @Bending_Cheese67 @Prem_Raj @SpeedsterRunner217


Send me targets location, I’ll recreate on pc


Hans graub the security guard with a hat in the basement
the hotel staff guy cleaning outside the hotel staff starting location
one of the 2 guards next to each other in the basement, he’s the one that has a phone call
they should all be killed with recording crew disguise and fiber wire
no complications


Funny. I was going to make a contract about someone not being pleased with their hotel stay. I have worked at a hotel for (too many, lol) years. The briefing would’ve been worded in a way that anyone that is a member of a particular brands loyalty program would probably recognized some of the phrasing I would’ve used. But, I wasn’t comfortable doing that… So, I just went with a contract that (in the briefing) had metaphorical representations of the targets and methods.


Musical Chords 1:29


@MrBurn4488 Musical Chords re-created for PC: 1-08-9486370-88


Thanks dude :relaxed:



Run of my sniper contract, Mile High Club


Ah, so that’s what you did. That was nicely executed. Liked that perfect walk/crouch through the cemetery. :+1:

I’m still determined to get my sub 4min run to work. A little more testing hopefully gets it.