Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


ohh really nice job man, really!


PS4 Contract
Title: Chess Pieces
ID# 2-03-5375191-30
Target locations: Paola in cemetery, Thomas and Loepardo in main square.
Complication: instant fail for disguise change


I may be a weenie, but I still did it faster than you :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a 40 second run later but I forgot to record it like an idiot.


@Ed_ll3 @Euler13


I’m also an idiot. I didn’t record my run where I just shot him with a pistol from the basement entrance. I wasn’t expecting it to work, and now I can’t replicate it.


Didn’t record? Hacks Kappa

Just did that as well, but 26 seconds and with video :smirk:


Grinded a bit more this morning and got 20 seconds



Allow us to establish our own scoring standard (instead of Silent Assassin as it’s currently defined) for contracts. We’d have the list of parameters for SA plus a few others and could tick or untick parameters to create a custom scoring standard.

Imagine if “no bodies found” or “never spotted” were removed on a contract but Perfect Shooter was an optional complication: You could openly engage your targets, kill them, let them see the bodies of the other targets, and still get top score as long as you did it efficiently.

What if the scoring parameters and the complications were each worth a number of points and you had to have a certain amount of total points to form a custom difficulty, so you couldn’t just remove all the scoring standards?

This would allow for new types of contracts altogether.

Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode

5 Targets
Disguise restriction, no kill restriction
[Optional] Perfect Shooter

“The Fifth Column”

We’re gonna get rid of the columns.


Kiniu confirmed, rip


The type of contracts would still be same, the playing style would change. And tbh it would just change to an any% run.

Rules for SA should be universal imo, so don’t like your idea


Here’s my best times on my last two contracts.


Yeah I was pretty sure 20s was possible but didn’t want to try to grind it out. There are basically three spots to shoot from. The hardest would be the starting point itself, as you can get a clean shot on him in the first couple of seconds, the problem is that people are watching and I don’t know if there’s any way to avoid that.


Yeah I tried shooting him at the start, but either the Hotel Staff that greets you or the guard that is leaning over the edge would spot me taking the shot. I have been able to shoot from there without being spotted, but not while also headshotting the target.


It wouldn’t be changing the rules of SA, it would be allowing users to create alternatives to it, or IO creating a few alternatives to choose from. Complications are effectively the same thing except they only let you add on top of SA instead of letting you subtract from it, but of course, a system that lets you remove all scoring parameters would be pointless, so it would have to have a minimum.




Ha! Very nice.



Hidden Talent by @Spodey (1:55)

I tried to just coin Abel behind the bar but he was using his telekinesis to grab coins from 20ft away and I got sick of it.

Make Up Your Mind by @Fortheseven, Fiber Wire (0:57)

This one really came… down to the wire. :sunglasses:

Doing it with a gun proved difficult because it turns out Mark Parker doesn’t have a head:

Not an isolated incident either. @immadummee47 was right, sometimes shots just go through people’s heads.


Starry Performance, PS4

Pretty simple concept and planning, tricky execution, but not enough to make it into my ‘‘Tricky Tricky Puzzles Season 2’’
Target time should be sub 2 to 2 minutes

The Conundrum Quartet, PS4

A little bit trickier but wanted this contract to have its own glory and I’m quite proud of it, level for this one is a bit high so you might have to improve your skills.

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Contract by @Philipp