Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Sliced and Diced
ID: 1-02-6885687-46

ps: forte played it so it can’t be that bad.
Targets are all at the attic.


Suit run may still be a quick run as it is now if you don’t start at default spot as you don’t need the quad keys to feed the Dino so target and quad keys can be done last on the way out. But I doubt the hacker will be beaten because of that.


NO.it’s bad.  


Getting the keys on the way out is a detour from the apricots field. The hacker has the downside that you have quite a way to the first apricots, running this way twice. I did not test it myself, but purely from the linear distance my idea would make the suit run the shortest. Of course it is hard and you cant use the direct way into the house like the hacker. But if you try really hard, potentially the suit is the fastest then.


stop hating 1 dimensional speedrunner player


Fixing Fireworks

ID : 1-02-1746994-41

different approach to contracts El Pogo Champo


@AgeingFPS’s Trending “Chef Knows” SA/SO of my go.

Thanks @ScroobiusJib for mentioning to me. @mungadungalis



nice job mate. if you hid last body closet which in next door hall itd be sub1


This contract needs to be Featured!


Chef Knows

Contract created by @AgeingFPS on XB1 and recreate by @mendietinha on PC


Ring The Bell





Not sure of the context, but saw Punk’s post earlier and thought I’d give Ageing’s contract a try. Hopped back on to share it, and it’s already been destroyed by Parsime. :expressionless:

Ah well, if you see it on the XB boards this is the route I took. There’s :49 on there as well which was the same deal; this one just felt a bit smoother. Sure UG will make this redundant and have it demolished by the end of the afternoon anyway. :joy: Nice contract though! @AgeingFPS


This is brilliant Punk thank you for playing it!

@mungadungalis @ScroobiusJib Thank you <3


Great job Ed, thank you for playing it, much appreciated. :sunglasses:


Wow that was a quick run, very nice. Thank you so much for playing it :sunglasses:


You creators have really been stepping it up in recent weeks.
Thank you all!


You are a genius You made my day.