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Thatā€™s unbelievable. We used exactly the same strategy! :laughing:
Getting the attention of the target was genius. I had to wait for him to stand and turn, which meant I didnā€™t have enough time to change before the other guy left. It seems that changing disguise is an insta-crime if caught in peripheral vision.

For whatā€™s worth now, hereā€™s my runā€¦

Snake in the Grass (1:07)

@Remedy: Great contract! On another note, I never know who to credit as creator in my videos. You change your Xbox gamertag quite often. I continue to put your latest, but would you like me to use a fixed name or put an A.K.A. with it?


You should just credit me m8


Bye, Bye, Bye 1:54

Heaven Awaits 1:46


Just Remedy if you will.


Nice runs! Thanks for trying them out!


Good contracts Well done


Basement Of Horrors

ID - 2-02-5393758-08


Contract Name - Heaven Awaits
ID - 2-03-4653186-08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHnC-5L1ov0


Very nice run, good job. :+1:


Basement of Horrors 1:33


Basement of Horrors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-ae2esImz8


Contract: Magic Tricks (PS4)
ID 2-02-4495461-08

Siblings No More (PS4)
ID 2-03-1587188-08


NON STOP:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Contract: Magic Tricks (PS4)


ID 2-02-4495461-08



Sabotage the Auction
(5 target, Any/Any, No Complications)

An ICA mole has tracked down five prominent key members of IAGO to Palais De Walewska.

They also informed us that IAGO obtained sensitive ICA documents, which they plan to sell as the final item.

End the auction early, Eliminate the targets.



Siblings No More (PS4)