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I have completed No Way Out already SA/SO and everytime I exit, I have the no bodies found bonus taken away. I went through the mission so many times and I even hid all 5 bodies I KO.

I’m not even getting the body found notification on the screen. It does work when I test to have an actual body found so I know it’s not that, but still, I’m hiding all bodies.

I have no idea wtf is going on. :weary:


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Aw if that’s true the easter egg might be bugged :frowning:


Well 2 other players did get SA on it. And another run of mine got me 4 stars but I got spotted exiting. I just don’t know where I’m getting a body spotted. I’m not getting any kind of notification or in game clue like an npc calling command that spots a KOd body. It’s really weird for me.


Well then try !KO and emetic poison the guys at the dino :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe after but I want to know who is spotting a body and why nothing in-game is happening because of it.


You could try to do the runs multiple times with emeting (if this is a word) one of the 5 guys you normally KO so maybe it is related to one of them.


You were close but you meant omitting. But I got what you meant.

And ya, good idea. I’ll try that.


I didn’t make the contract with the suit, so I have no idea what route you might be taking or anything and I can’t say for certain what’s happening. I presume you’re knocking out the guys in the upstairs bedroom in order to feed the dinosaur, and I know they’re notoriously fiddly in terms of what they can and can’t see. Not knowing the route and how many people you’re KOing though I can’t really say why Body Found would happen. I was able to pull it off SA (from Hacker start), so I know it’s possible, but I don’t know what would be bugging it out.


I have an idea. Since I don’t play with minimap on, I’ll turn it on and see when I get compromised (if that works via the minimap, though).

Damn, I should have thought of that earlier.


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Great runs man! :+1::+1::+1:


@Nakar, figured where I was getting a body found, it was inside the house. The hacker sees the guard after he falls before I can ko the hacker. You’ll see what I mean when you see that part.

I really enjoyed this contract, even if it was an easy target, it’s the exit objective that really makes this contract fun.

@Travis_IOI, this contract should be featured by Nakar.

SA/SO/Dino Easter Egg Exit

@CHAOS_AGENT_45, I see you completed this SA. Did you make a video by any chance? Would love to see what you did.


can we just stop with “this contract should be featured” please. you guys criticized us “speedrunners” for choosing/prefering other contracts as featured without thinking of others, but now you are just doing the same.

the contract has an interesting interaction but that’s it.


But it’s unique. That’s why it SHOULD be featured. No other contract has done this before or anything related. THIS is something that a featured Contract should bring…uniqueness.


Tbh I did not read that ever the last months. After all contracts have to be chosen to be featured. And compared to the last batches we would do good to suggest more of them and not step back to let only contracts being suggested, not because they are good but because they dare to suggest them and we are not.

I also like the contract idea, it is unique and still not all too narrow. Although @Nakar ignors me with my idea to make suit runs more competitive. :stuck_out_tongue:


The contract isn’t even my idea, I just made it for a guy who asked if the two ATV exits were different. Can’t claim any credit for it, he’s the one who thought of it.


Contract Name: Vacation (Sapienza) (Landslide)
ID - 2-04-1265210-08


Contract: Attack Of The Clones (Paris)
ID - 2-02-4633546-08


I give up. Ernesto Dellucci?