Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Very simple, he eventually walks behind the bar and takes a sip of wine out of the glass, simply wait till he walks away and poison the drink.


I’m sorry I’m a loser:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Its ok hahahaha. I tried to make that contract difficult, I failed at it a few times already too. :joy::joy::joy:



Contract: Cycled Out (Sapienza)
ID - 2-03-4849592-08

Quick and easy.


We wait video. Interesting


@RSKOFFICAL (RampageSkullKing’s) Hunting Wolves Parts 1, 2 & 3 (PS4)

Gave these a try, nice little contracts. Not the smoothest runs lol, but I was happy enough…


The Ballad of Sophus (PS4)
@Urben for briefing credit :stuck_out_tongue:


Drop The Bass


I Recreated this contract “The Ballad of Sophus” on Xbox. ID: 3-02-5519951-51


Contract: Cut Up (Marrakesh) (A House Built On Sand)
ID - 2-07-9249732-08


puzzle routing contract
ID: 1-02-8845279-46




That was great! Nice run.




Ok :stuck_out_tongue:


Kill someone because he barely looks like one of the Printing Crew.
Not a really serious contract, but maybe some think otherwise.
Dont feature this Travis hue

None of us - 1-06-2501940-67


Great runs man! I really liked your route for Slice ‘n’ Diced, thanks for doing my contracts as always.


Contract: Murder In The Kitchen (Sapienza)
ID - 2-03-9055011-08