Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


The Grassy Knoll
Contract ID 2-02-1072149-50

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Just wanted to let you know I’m now a fully PC player. Still @ me when you have contracts though, I wanna re-create them :stuck_out_tongue:


Will do @Opal_Hitman :slight_smile:




Video of the run of my own contract


Nice run man! That was really good.



Here are my runs

It’s Chopping Time!

The Grassy Knoll


I created 2 fun contracts

Shotgun Fun Run

’ OR 1=1; –

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Interestingly, this dude seems to be deaf to distractions if you not bump him first.


Title: Three Little Piggies
Contract ID: 3-02-0356732-05
Location: Paris

@Travis_IOI: Please give us the ability to edit briefings in season 2. :pray: It breaks my heart to see typos that I can’t fix. The problem is compounded by the speed at which we have to write the briefings. I don’t know if other platforms are affected in the same way, but on Xbox if we take longer than a couple of minutes to write the briefing and set conditions, then it randomly resets, everything goes back to default, and you have to start all over again.


Trending contract “Fuck Philip” in 53 seconds


I’m back after nearly 3 weeks, whew

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Target locations plz


Happens on PS4 as well, the title? / briefing reset.


One guy at the auction floor next to an empty room
Other one is in the kitchen


I have made a pretty difficult mini-campaign. It’s on Pc and they have their own backstory.

The Dirty Bomb - Preparation 1-02-6562756-59
The Dirty Bomb - Escape 1-02-4897583-59


If you have a decent smartphone, get smartglass for Xbox one. I remember for the 360, smartglass allowed me to connect to the console through the app and use keyboard on my phone. So what you can do is type your briefing in a notes app, copy then paste it in your briefing through the Xbox app. This is what I do with my PS4 and it’s related app.

Yup, but not as quick or often as euler describes. Maybe I’m just lucky. But as I said to him, get the PS4 app and connect to the console via ‘second screen’ then you can type directly and quickly. Or use another app to type it there then copy and paste it into the ps app into the game.


2 new contracts

Blaze Of Glory
Contract ID 2-09-2955256-50


Three Strikes & You’re Out!
Contract ID 2-10-9010093-50

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Never had it reset during writing briefings on ps4 luckily