Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)


Thanks for doing my contract


You tagged me in one of your contracts, I played it and didn’t get a thank you? Dayum!! Wutz a brutha hav toodoo to get rekonized? :man_shrugging::rofl::joy:


Sorry matey. Thanks also for having a go at my designs :slight_smile:




Challenge contract inbound: Burn [un]notice
The objective of this contract is to hide the victim’s body. You most-likely already know where he’s going to die.

ID: 1-06-0727160-10

Please share your run if you’re able to complete this. This took me way too long to set up, and I really want to be made a fool of :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where is he located? And what are all the complications?

Found him. Shoe shop guy.


Updated with more info


Contract: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Paris)
ID - 2-02-9003071-08

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With great pleasure !!


The Danza Show


One more. Quite a bit simpler than the previous contract, but interesting nonetheless:

ID: 1-06-9835041-10

What it says on the tin: make him fall, guy.

PS: He’s the bouncer to the shisha lounge.

I should really take a break from Marrakesh.


Recreated for PS4:
ID in pic. Exact complications.

Edit: video removed. Forgot to edit the fail out. lol. I’ll post it later.


A Series of Unfortunate Events 3:14



Here’s my solution. Great puzzle. Had fun figuring it out. Gotta love that thumbnail.


That was sooooo good. Thanks for trying it out bud. :+1::+1:


That waiter hammer KO. “Mutha” (clunck). :joy::joy::joy:


Contract: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Paris) Slow
ID - 2-02-9003071-08 https://youtu.be/f28ZBcLN6eI