Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)




@ScroobiusJib Very late but my run of Resort Runner.


Took me 10 hours to figure this strat out Kappa



Target locations and names plz


The Danza Show | Sniper Assassin | Suit only

Patience is the key :wink:


I did the same contract to critizise the low quality of Trending contracts and all these useless and anoying Complications. Good Job Mate, thatĀ“s World Record!!! :joy:




That was top notch Chaos! GG.


Title:3 Killings In Bangkok
Complications:Do Not Get Spotted & No Recordings
Contract ID:2-08-7207691-00


Thereā€™s someone I know (not on this forum) who constantly sends me these type of contracts, all timed, complications overload, I rarely play them lol.


Is that persons PSN called Hreinzii or something? Lmao


Lmao that actually cracked me up :joy:


Contract: Dangerous Profession (Paris)
ID - 2-02-7213382-08

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I stopped doing timed complications in my contracts because they arenā€™t fun.


Some Trending contract by Hatch

The Scam SA (43s)

I tried to do it again for YouTube but it just wonā€™t work again, I think I got extremely lucky or something hueheuheuehue.


Sorry, Iā€™m kinda new at this.
Platform: PS4
User: Thisithis2 on PS4
Title: Past Mistake
Location: Bangkok
Description: Itā€™s a pretty easy one, but a lot of fun. I kill the Last guy with the explosive Phone, and I kinda messed up the description on the contract. Oh, I would knock out the waiter in the Bathroom next to the restaurant to take out the Gardner and knock out Hotel staff guy next to him to use for the rest of the hits.
Contract ID: 2-08-9720914-01